One of the best things about being at a school for 14 years is that there's always something to look forward to right around the corner.
Amongst many other things ...
  • Our Pre-K students look forward to hosting the annual "Festival of Joy"
  • Kindergartners are thrilled to meet their Senior Buddies.
  • First Graders can't wait for Primary Lab.
  • Second Grade students know they'll get to experience Woody's Pond for science.
  • CA Third Graders are excited about studying Colorado History, beginning with tracing how their families arrived here, and participating in field trips to the Plains Conservation Center, Colorado rodeo, and panning for gold.
  • Fourth Graders are already making plans for what they'll make for Mini Society.
  • Our Fifth Grade class is already anticipating the fun they'll have at the week-long trip to Crow Canyon in addition to being Mustang Mentors (and finally becoming Middle Schoolers next year!)
"I owe so much of the success that I have had thus far, and that I conceivably will continue to have in my future career, to what I got out of my CA education. The skills that I just believed served as a foundation, and were the baseline coming out of Colorado Academy, are truly special and rare."

- CA Graduate

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