How to Apply to Lower School at Colorado Academy
Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5
Thank you for your interest in Colorado Academy. Our Lower School provides a vibrant learning environment with a focus on The Formative Five and Social Emotional Learning. Please spend 20 minutes exploring our programming, curriculum, and our welcoming community. We look forward to getting to know you throughout the admission season!

Birth Date Information:
  • Applicants to Pre-K must turn four years old by September 1 of the year they start Pre-Kindergarten.
  • Applicants to Kindergarten must turn five years old by September 1 of the year they start Kindergarten.
2nd Grade Applicant Information:
  • All students applying to 2nd grade are applicants to the waitpool until re-enrollment for current families occurs in January.

Lower School Admission Checklist & Timeline

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    Submit Step 1: Student Form.* There is no application fee to apply to CA. Once the Student Form is submitted, you may log back into your account and complete the remaining steps of the application process. 

    *The application deadline for the 2024-2025 school year was January 15. After the deadline, CA continues to welcome applications to the wait pool, but no student visits will be scheduled unless we anticipate an opening.

    Birth Date Information:
    • Applicants to Pre-K must turn four years old by September 1 of the year they start Pre-Kindergarten.
    • Applicants to Kindergarten must turn five years old by September 1 of the year they start Kindergarten.


    As parents/guardians, your responses on the Parent/Guardian Form will help CA learn more about your child and your family. The Parent/Guardian Form is available once you submit the Student Form and is due on or before January 15.  Applicants to the wait pool may still submit the Parent Form.

    Request Teacher and Principal/Director Recommendation

    Request the Teacher Recommendation* and Principal/Director Recommendation (if applicable) from the appropriate faculty/staff member at your child’s school. Recommendation and Transcripts are due on or before January 15. Applicants to the wait pool may request these forms after the deadline.

    For Grade 1 - Grade 5: Please request Transcripts from the Current and Previous School year (if applicable).

    *Colorado Academy is one of several Denver-area independent schools that use the Common Recommendation and Transcript Request Forms to reduce the workload for an applicant’s current teachers and school staff. Once you have created an account in the application portal, you will be able to submit requests for recommendations and transcripts using the common forms.

    Once the Student Form is submitted, parents/guardians are provided a prompt to submit two short video clips of the applicant. These clips highlight developmentally appropriate fine motor and gross motor skills. Video clips are due on or before January 15. Applicants to the wait pool may submit these video clips after the deadline.

    For Applicants to Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade 1*: Developmental readiness is assessed by our teachers during the Student Visit, and no other formal testing is required.

    *Applicants to Kindergarten or Grade 1 may submit optional testing results if available.

    For Applicants to Grades 2-5: CA is test-type flexible and will accept the results from any testing that an applicant has completed within the last two years. Examples include the CogAT, WISC, DAS, MAP, DIBELS, ISEE Primary, ERB, and any state specific standards-based assessments, among others. Test results are due on or before January 15.

    There is no need for the applicant to take more than one test, and the Admission Committee does not prefer one test over another.
    • If submitting CogAT, MAP testing and/or other standardized testing (such as the ERB) from the applicant's current school, request that the school send those results along with report cards and attendance records through the Transcript Request Form.
    • You may upload WISC or DAS scores directly to the Checklist in the portal, or else you may email the report to
    • If your child has no recent test reports available, you may register your child for testing with an evaluator from the DATC (Denver Area Testing Consortium). Please contact Paige Siemers to request assistance if the fee is a hardship. 

    The Admission Office will reach out to schedule the student visit if we anticipate an opening in the applicant's grade level.

    The Grade 3 Applicant Assessment scheduling calendar is available once you submit Step 1: Student Form.

    Prospective parents/guardians may schedule a campus tour through the Applicant Checklist once the Step 1: Student Form is submitted.

    A Parent/Guardian Zoom Check-in is available once families submit Step 1: Student Form. The goal of this optional appointment is to share feedback and answer any additional questions that families have about the process. Appointments last approximately 20 minutes.

    With over $5.1 million in tuition assistance each year, CA welcomes students and families from all backgrounds and encourages families to consider CA no matter their income.

    The Application for Financial Aid is separate from the Application for Admission, although the timing of the two cycles overlaps. Families who wish to apply for tuition assistance should submit an Application for Financial Aid through Clarity Financial.

    • We recommend starting the application after January 1 as it is helpful to have end-of-year tax documents available to complete the form. Please check back in November for a link to our Financial Aid Application.
    • Within the Clarity Financial portal, you will be asked to upload your 2022 tax return, as well as 2022 and 2023 W-2's and K-1 statements, if applicable.
    • CA prefers the Clarity Financial application, but, if you've already submitted a Financial Aid application for another school through FACTS or SSS, there is no need to fill out an additional application through Clarity Financial. You will only need to add Colorado Academy as a recipient on your FACTS or SSS application.
    • The deadline for the Financial Aid application is February 15. We realize that many families have not yet completed their 2023 tax return by this deadline. The Financial Aid Committee will consider an application complete as long as we receive the 2022 tax return and 2023 W-2 and/or Profit & Loss Statements (if self-employed) by February 15. The 2023 tax return should be submitted as soon as it is completed.
    • Completing the Financial Aid application by the deadline allows the Financial Aid Award to be communicated at the same time as the Admission Decision.
    • Questions? Contact Financial Aid Manager Lisa Dean at 303-914-2516.

    In conjunction with other Denver-area independent schools, Colorado Academy sends Lower School admission decisions (Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 5) by email at 4:00 p.m. MST on Friday, March 1, 2024.

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Applying to multiple divisions (e.g. Grade 3, Grade 6, and Grade 10)? Please contact Paige Siemers in the Admission Office with questions.
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