One of CA's Signature Programs, Interim is designed to offer students experiences that can test and refine their skills as well as strengthen their compassion, commitment, and tenacityall while having fun!
Each spring, students in the Middle and Upper Schools participate in weeklong Interim trips designed to immerse students and faculty in experiences and pursuits that broaden their skills, test their abilities, and sharpen the awareness of the world in which they live. Whether they engage in artistic pursuits, service learning trips, or wilderness expeditions throughout the Rocky Mountains, CA alumni often describe the Interim program as their favorite CA tradition.

Interim at Colorado Academy provides opportunities to get out of the classroom to learn by doing, through exposure to new ideas, experiences, and environments. Interim trips span the gamut from artistic pursuits and community engagement to wilderness expeditions. Immersion in a unifying trip concept broadens students’ skills, knowledge, and awareness.

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Director of Experiential Education
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"For my Junior year Interim, I traveled down the Colorado River for a week on inflatable kayaks with a dozen CA students. Between floating the rapids during the day, setting up camp on the riverside at night, and jumping off the rocks into chilly waters, it was unbelievable."
- Conner Brook, Class of 2019

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