About CA

Colorado Academy is an educational community for students in Pre-K through Grade 12.
CA provides a relevant and dynamic liberal arts education for an ever-changing world. We work to create learners, leaders, and inspiring, thoughtful individuals who are ready to transform the future.

CA Fast Facts

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  • About Our Students

    Student profile: CA students are highly motivated, perform at above average to exceptional ability, and seek academic challenge and community engagement.
    Total enrollment: 1,041 Students
    Lower School enrollment (Pre-K-Grade 5): 360 Students
    Middle School enrollment (Grades 6-8): 234 Students
    Upper School enrollment (Grades 9-12): 447 Students
    Students from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds: 32 percent
    Denver area Zip codes represented: 78
    Students receiving Financial Aid: 182 students; 18 percent
    Graduates accepted to 4-year colleges: 100 percent
    Colorado Academy School Profile

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