At Colorado Academy, we are focused on teaching 21st century skills in a developmentally appropriate way for children of all ages.
CA’s commitment to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, and Math) is interdisciplinary by nature. At CA, we recognize that these fields overlap, so our curriculum combines disciplines to offer students innovative ways of connecting these skills to the world around them. With multiple makerspaces, including the Anderson Innovation Lab, and forward-thinking faculty, CA students are prepared to think expansively, face the challenges of the future—and solve them.

Computer Science

At Colorado Academy we believe every child should have the opportunity to experience Computer Science. Whether coding their first game in Scratch, designing and programming a robot pet in Middle School, or creating a complicated simulation of the synchronizing patterns of fireflies in Upper School, students in every grade experience a rich CS curriculum.

With a strong emphasis on Design and Computational Thinking, students become creative and authentic learners. CA graduates have the skills needed to thrive in our technological society as well as a solid foundation in cyber-ethics.

Engineering & Design

CA provides spaces in all three divisionsthe Lower School Wonder Workshop, the Middle School Design and Innovation Studio, and the Upper School Anderson Innovation Labwhere students learn to invent and invent to learn.

With access to cutting-edge tools and experts who mentor them in technologies and innovative approaches, students are able to create from their imaginations. Here trial and failure help teach perseverance and determination, and eventually, success.

Computer Science, Engineering & Design by Division

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  • Lower School (Grades K-5)

    Creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication drive the study of technology and innovation in CA’s Lower School.
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  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)

    CA’s strong emphasis on design thinking at the Middle School level means that every student in every class will do at least one project that involves its concepts—identifying problems, gathering and analyzing information and evidence, getting feedback, making revisions, and making decisions.
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  • Upper School (Grades 9-12)

    Upper School students have boundless opportunities to design, engineer, and use computer science in project-based learning.
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Computer Science/Engineering & Design Faculty

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  • Allie Bronston

    MS Librarian/MS Computer Science/Engineering & Design
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  • Laura Farmer

    Educational Technology Specialist
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  • Kyle Gillette

    Upper School Computer Science
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  • Jared Katzman

    Director of Technology; Computer Science Instructor
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  • Michael McLaughlin

    Upper School Computer Science & Physics
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  • Travis Reynolds

    Lower School Technology & Wonder Workshop
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  • Katie Schneider

    Computer Science & Engineering Design
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