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If you ask a group of Colorado Academy Kindergartners how many of them are artists, all their hands will go up in the air.  Ask a group of CA Seniors how many still consider themselves artists, and you will likely see just as many hands.
That is a testament to the emphasis CA puts on studying the arts for all students of all ages.

Whether they prefer painting, dancing, performing, playing an instrument, or singing, CA students find many ways to develop their talents or find new passions. And it’s not uncommon for students to compete in the gym in the afternoon and then head straight to the stage for play practice or an instrumental performance in the evening.
Walk around CA’s campus and everywhere you will see examples of student artwork on display—painting, drawing, photography, and other media. Seniors host their own portfolio art shows in the gallery of the Ponzio Arts Center. Drop by the Schotters Music Center to be inspired by music makers of all ages. Each year, students take nearly 11,000 private music lessons on campus as part of their daily schedule. Visit the Leach Center for the Performing Arts and you will find Middle and Upper School actors staging plays and musicals. Technical theater students build sets and learn lighting.
In Middle School, CA students choose a visual and performing arts elective each trimester as part of their daily schedules. Upper School includes a two-year visual and performing arts requirement, exceeded by more than 90 percent of students. Whether they pursue the arts as a profession or a passion, CA students are well equipped to engage in a lifelong love of creativity.

Katy Hills

Director of Visual and Performing Arts

The arts are a part of every student’s experience at Colorado Academy. Our goal is to empower our student-artists to explore the creative process and engage in the artistic habits so critical in the world today. Our artists practice patience, courage, adaptability, persistence, expression, self-direction, and joy.

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