Celebrating Expression and Discovery
For many students, the Colorado Academy Arts Program helps students discover a talent or passion and then forms a strong foundation for further pursuits in an arts discipline. For others, it offers a balance to academic assignments and athletic competitions. For all CA students, it is a celebration of expression and discovery.

Student creations of painting, drawing, and photography grace public spaces throughout campus, and students host their own openings in CA’s gallery. Opportunities abound in digital composition, professional sound recording, and video production. Middle and Upper School actors stage dramas and musicals, or students collaborate with a professional theater company to become part of a young playwright’s festival. Technical theater students build sets and program lighting. String quartets, flute solos, and piano concertos echo across the CA campus from the students engaged in thousands of private music lessons offered each year.

In Middle School, CA students choose a visual and performing arts elective each trimester that is part of their daily schedules. Upper School includes a two-year visual and performing arts requirement that more than 90% of the student population exceeds. CA graduates are well-prepared to pursue higher degrees at many fine art schools.

Dr. Julianne De Sal, Director of Visual & Performing Arts

Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  At Colorado Academy, the Visual and Performing Arts are integral to the balance and integrity of a liberal arts education. They are not superfluous but rather part of the process through which a child develops a unique and authentic voice. Beyond the teaching of craft and skill, a true arts education allows students to learn, create, and discover that which they know to be true, and unleash the artist within. In the rapidly changing world in which our children live, more than ever, art matters.

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