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Admission: The CA Experience Starts Here
We welcome your interest in our school and community. The admission process is designed to discover what inspires each applicant's curiosity and creativity. If you're ready to apply, tap HERE to get started on the Initial Applicant Form. This form will give you access to scheduling a Student Visit and/or a Parent Tour and Check-in.

For other opportunities to connect to the CA community during the admission season, check the Admission Calendar. Our arts and athletic events are open to the public, and you are welcome to attend a game, concert or theater production that is listed on the Arts Calendar or Athletics Calendar

Catherine Laskey

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  • Director of Admission & Financial Aid

    At CA, we delight in a student’s curiosity, creativity, and sense of adventure. CA students of all ages develop courage by exploring the abundant opportunities for personal growth in our community. Students also learn from each other and work hard to be kind and stand up for others. That's why our Admission Committee strives to create a mix of talents, backgrounds, and perspectives in each grade that enhances everyone's learning. 

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2020 CA Admission Preview

We are very excited to have the opportunity to join the CA community. We truly believe the curriculum and focus on the "whole child" coupled with the strong community feel at CA is the best fit for us.

 - New CA Family
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