CA Global Travel 2020-2021:

While the COVID-19 pandemic safety protocols that we must implement currently prevent us from engaging fully in our Travel and Exchange Program, when it is once again safe to travel, we plan to restore our programming. In the meantime, Daniel Lopez, Director of Global Travel and Exchange, has created virtual opportunities for CA students of all ages to remain connected to peers in other countries, as we believe that global awareness and cultural competence are more important than ever. View Virtual Travel and Global Engagement Resources

CA offers a variety of foreign travel opportunities and exchange programs starting in Fifth Grade.
At Colorado Academy, we nurture dynamic thinkers and active citizens of the world through a curriculum that develops intellectual aptitude and character. This includes providing a number of challenging and exciting study opportunities outside the country. Some programs are more academic and exploratory, while others focus on service. Regardless of the destination, CA students receive invaluable experience and enhanced learning as part of a secure and safe travel program.

Daniel Lopez

Director of Global Travel & Exchange
(303) 914-2606
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Global Travel at CA

"It’s such an amazing opportunity. I got a little homesick one day, but our CA teachers were there to comfort me and remind me that it’s normal to be homesick. Being away from your parents prepares you for life!"
- Georgia, CA Fifth Grader on Scotland Exchange

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