Why Teach at CA?

Unique Classrooms

Colorado Academy teachers construct environments they believe to be conducive to learning. Innovation and creativity are encouraged in the classroom, and small class size allows teachers to know their students. CA teachers’ enthusiasm is matched by a student body that has a genuine thirst for knowledge. Many teachers also coach, and teachers of grades five through twelve lead students in experiential education programs each spring.

Student Enthusiasm and Excellence

There is no doubt students want to be at Colorado Academy – they demonstrate it daily in academic achievement, arts performances and exhibits, on the playing fields and courts, in travels abroad, and in experiences in the outdoors.

CA’s advisory program in the Middle and Upper Schools provides structure for the abiding principle that teachers know their students and maintain an open dialog with parents.

Respect is the keystone of character education at Colorado Academy, and students regularly demonstrate school pride. Faculty, staff, and students gather in the Campus Center dining hall each day for lunch, which provides an informal opportunity to support a true sense of community. Buddy programs pair students both within and across divisions, creating a mechanism for the perpetuation of CA’s culture and traditions.

Enriching Environments

Grassy quadrangles, gardens, and trails enhance our 94-acre campus. Sports fields, tennis courts, a natural pond, outdoor art, and a view of the Colorado Rockies provide a beautiful environment for students, teachers, and visitors. The nearby foothills and mountains present many recreational opportunities throughout the year, while Denver is a major metropolitan area that offers diverse cultural and sporting activities.

Professional Collaboration

Colleagueship and collaboration within and across CA are great resources for new teachers. A faculty-mentoring program is in place within each division, and teachers visit colleagues’ classrooms to learn from one other.

Faculty Advancement and Awards

A faculty advancement program provides structure for teacher evaluation and for promotion from the rank of instructor to senior instructor to preceptor to master teacher. The Yoeman Fisher and Frances Newton awards, as well as the McHugh Grant and technology integration awards, are presented each spring to deserving teachers who demonstrate teaching excellence and professional development innovation.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Colorado Academy does not discriminate or allow unlawful harassment in any of its programs, procedures or practices on the basis of age, color, disability, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, military service, or other protected classifications defined by the State of Colorado and local laws. The policy applies in all aspects of employment with the Academy.
Colorado Academy
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