Do you love music and movement? The Dance Program at Colorado Academy provides opportunities in a variety of dance genres for students at all levels of interest and experience. 
Our students develop skills in collaboration, perseverance, creativity, and communication through movement. Performance opportunities occur throughout the year.

CA dance classes are not only fun but provide a great way to incorporate movement during the school day. Current offerings include Tap, Broadway, Company, and Vertical Dance—which is performed with ropes and harnesses on the CA climbing wall.  

No experience is necessary to participate in CA dance, and unlike other electives, students can choose to take Upper School Dance for either art or athletic credit. 

CA Dance Faculty

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  • Melissa Zaremba

    Upper School & Middle School Dance and Theater
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"Ms. Zaremba just makes class so enjoyable. It’s never about being the best dancer; it’s about having the best experience."

- Lee Kenney ’22

Dance at CA

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  • Lower School

    Our youngest students incorporate Music classes with dance to tell stories through active movement including the exploration of dance, rhythm, and body movement. Grade level groups present Spring performances.
  • Middle School

    Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in styles such as Pop/Rock Tap, Jazz/Hip Hop, Ballet, and Dance for Musical Theater. 
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  • Upper School

    There are two forms of participation in Upper School—Elective classes and the Company. 
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CA Dance Videos

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