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At Colorado Academy, we believe Athletics and Physical Education are critical components of the overall education of our students.
The Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Kinesiology aims to provide students in all grades an opportunity to experience learning through movement, participation, and competition. At CA, we ensure that competition and movement enhance a student’s school experiences, relations with peers, and connections with our community. We challenge students to go beyond what is familiar and dive into new offerings.  Instruction and activities are designed to prepare students for competition at the highest levels of high school athletics and to emphasize the importance and understanding of healthy physical activity.

CA’s Upper School athletic teams and athletes have been recognized for their success at the national, state, and league level. Many of our students go on to successful careers playing Division I, II, and III sports in college. Our success is reflected in the character of our athletes as well as the championships we win. An intense work ethic, a “team first” attitude, grit, and accountability are cornerstones of Colorado Academy athletics. 

Jon Hill, Director of Athletics

Colorado Academy supports some of the finest coaches, most accomplished athletes, and most competitive interscholastic teams in Colorado. Athletics partners with other departments and provides balance along with excellence. CA's Athletic Department emphasizes preparation and process along with participation, integrity, good sportsmanship, and respect for fellow team members, officials, and opponents. 

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