The Lower School’s primary mission is twofold, focusing on both the development of the student and the whole child.
In the academic arena, our goal is to offer a broad, engaging, challenging, and developmentally appropriate educational experience for all of our students. We seek to inspire active learners who think critically and take intellectual risks. Our program emphasizes the acquisition of skills and attitudes that allow our students to express ideas effectively and to solve problems both independently and in groups. Additionally, we create an environment in which learning is fun and where students begin to see learning as an inherently rewarding lifelong process.
We are deeply committed to supporting the development of our young children as caring and kind human beings, as well as scholars. We believe that children work harder, achieve more, and treat each other with a higher level of dignity when they and their efforts are visibly and consistently encouraged and valued. To that end, we provide meaningful lessons, challenging standards, responsive classrooms, and a nurturing community that are designed to promote the best in our children.

The CA Lower School is focused on "The Formative Five" skills—empathy, self-control, integrity, embracing diversity, and grit. We have developed a roadmap to reinforce these initiatives and to support character development and the social emotional well-being of children.
    • Angie Crabtree, Lower School Principal

      As a Lower School division, we work together to support each child’s educational journey while practicing Colorado Academy’s mission to develop the whole child through a rich, challenging, and balanced curriculum with a caring, forward-looking community.

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