Upper School

Grades 9 through 12
At CA, we believe that small classes, high academic standards, individualized college counseling, and an active involvement in one's community provide the cornerstone to a student’s pre-collegiate education. CA’s program for grades 9 through 12 combines a strong college preparatory program with a unique liberal arts and sciences curriculum full of stimulating electives and Advanced Placement (AP) courses to prepare students for study at the college level (or post-secondary education). This demanding curriculum is a key reason why every year, CA sends 100% of its graduates to four-year colleges and universities, including the nation’s best institutions.

A rigorous academic curriculum is enriched by programs outside the classroom. Athletics help students build stamina, skill, and confidence while learning teamwork and sportsmanship. Experiential education offers students greater insight into themselves and the world. Group service projects help students define and develop a sense of selflessness, perspective, and social responsibility. Student clubs, productions, art shows, and recitals all provide creative outlets that help our students cultivate their own sense of artistic expression.

Through structured programs and individual integrity, CA seniors serve as positive role models and mentors to younger students. Upper School students form relationships with teachers that foster intellectual and moral development. As a result of their experiences at CA, seniors graduate as well-rounded and well-prepared individuals with defined values and purpose.

Preparing for Challenges Ahead

The curriculum combines a rigorous liberal arts and sciences core with active participation in athletics, as well as fine and performing arts courses. Qualified students can choose to participate in Honors and AP courses, and may also pursue independent study. Two trimesters of Computer Science or Innovations classes are required of each student to provide practice in critical/mathematical thinking and creativity and prepare them for future study or a career. In addition to academic requirements, students must successfully complete an individualized service project as part of their prerequisites for graduation.

Dr. Jonathan Vogels, Upper School Principal

We are a school that prepares students for the world. Not the world as it has "always been," but the world of the 21st century that is perpetually changing, evolving, adapting to new ideas. Consequently, we have an innovative curriculum, a dynamic faculty and an integrated approach to technology. As well, we value relationships and personal communication to ensure the positive academic and social development of every student.

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