CA’s program for Grades 9 through 12 features a unique liberal arts and sciences curriculum full of stimulating electives and Advanced Placement (AP) courses to prepare students to be successful as global citizens.
The rigorous academic curriculum is enriched by programs outside of the classroom, including our exceptional opportunities in arts, athletics, and experiential education. Theater and dance productions, art shows, and music recitals all provide creative outlets that encourage our students to cultivate their own sense of artistic expression. A wide range of athletic options helps students build stamina, skill, and confidence while learning teamwork and sportsmanship. Experiential education offers students greater insight into themselves and others, as they venture into the outdoors, engage in service projects, or travel around the country and the world.

Our well-rounded program is one of the key reasons our students are highly successful in the college application process. Colorado Academy guides 100 percent of graduates to four-year colleges and universities, covering the entire country and some of the best institutions abroad. Additionally, the school’s emphasis on mental health and wellness means that our students are prepared for success in their lives beyond education. During their years in the Upper School, they build critical thinking skills and empathy as they mature to see themselves as well-prepared individuals with defined values and purpose.

Dr. Jon Vogels

Upper School Principal

We are a school that prepares students for the world. Not the world as it has "always been," but the world of the 21st century that is perpetually changing, evolving, and adapting to new ideas. Consequently, we have an innovative curriculum, a dynamic faculty, and an integrated approach to technology. As well, we value relationships and personal communication to ensure the positive academic and social development of every student.

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CA Mission Statement: Creating Curious, Kind, and Courageous Learners and Leaders