Service Learning

Inspiring a Lifetime of Ready, Willing, and Able
Addressing the needs and learning of the “whole child” means that we extend the programs we create beyond history, math facts, reading fluency, and the scientific method. We must teach each student how to see a broader world, and how to identify and solve problems in the world for which they will one day be responsible. The concept of service to others is fundamental to a CA education. From Pre-Kindergarten through Upper School, students participate in various service projects to develop social responsibility, perspective, and sensitivity to the world around them.

Upper School

Colorado Academy's Upper School Service Learning program has received national recognition for its focus on students’ interests and service learning. Students’ own community concerns dictate how some of their required service efforts are spent. To that end, students understand and experience a process that helps them identify a need and work toward a solution. We feel strongly that this program helps to create resourceful, caring, engaged members of our community.

Middle School

The Middle School encourages students to contribute to their school, local, and international communities through the practice of service learning and advocacy. Students develop skills associated with organizing, planning, and executing service projects. As children mature, increasing choice is given to students in selecting the type of projects that interest them. Our hope is that children develop important life skills and that they are empowered by the many ways young people can contribute to building healthy communities.

Lower School

The way we begin with young children is to help them understand is that the world is filled with uniqueness and difference and to empower them to create change. Giving a voice to the needs of others, children come to understand how they can make an enormous impact. These are the roots of empathy, compassion, gratitude, and cultural competence based within a framework of experiences they know.

Coordinator, Community Impact Projects

At CA, Service Learning is integrated into and enhances our academic program. At every age, students help direct their service involvement and learn how to identify and solve problems in the community.

David Colodny
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