Colorado Academy is a community that cultivates student voice, respects individualism, and fosters learning.
Students, faculty, and parents describe a school culture that cares deeply and is supportive of one another. The Pre-K through Grade 12 interaction among students is key to the school’s emphasis on the joy of learning. We are an institution that values collaboration and creativity, and thus are mindful of the never-ending work of building understanding, teaching empathy, and expecting civility.

The Director of Inclusivity works with faculty in each division to create a curriculum design process that is guided by inclusive principles. Faculty present multiple social, national, historical, cultural, and political perspectives in their classes, and topics are explored across disciplines, from academics to the arts. 

PlatFORUM, a full-day Upper School conference celebrating different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, is held annually at Colorado Academy. Students, teachers, community leaders, and experienced presenters deliver interactive, inclusive, and engaging workshops. The goals of PlatFORUM are to: redefine diversity; promote self-reflection; share experiences of culture and tradition; provide language and tools to engage in conversations around social justice, equity, and access; gain understanding; and build community. Plat-FORUM plays on the word “platform,” a place or opportunity for public discussion, combined with the word “forum,” which etymologically derives from the place of assembly in an ancient Roman city, considered to be the center of all judicial and business affairs. At CA, it is designed to be a time and place to share voices, experiences, and ideas around issues of social justice and inclusivity that will move us from dialogue into action. The goal is to promote conversation and dialogue, rather than the imposition of a particular viewpoint. Discussion topics address at least one or more areas of diversity and its intersection with leadership, politics, law, music, art, well-being, culture, relationships, social justice, education, or history.

We are a private school that embraces what we see as our public purpose and greater role in our community. The public is invited to numerous events and forums on campus, including our well-known SPEAK lecture series. CA is also home to Horizons, an enrichment program serving low-income students from Denver Public Schools.

Sarah Wright

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  • Director of Inclusivity

    CA’s Director of Inclusivity provides leadership in areas of inclusive excellence, mentoring, support for students and families, and resource development for faculty and staff. Within each division, faculty members also work as coordinators of age-specific inclusivity work.

    The school encourages student participation and presentation in national and local leadership training, including the
    Students of Diversity Leadership Conference, the National People of Color Conference, the CIRCLE and STAMP student leadership conferences, and more.

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