Culture & Inclusivity

Welcoming, Understanding, and Respecting All
Colorado Academy is a community that values and honors difference, and seeks to be a place where students of all ages, and families of all backgrounds are understood, represented, and highly regarded. Many people visit our campus and immediately notice our welcoming atmosphere, our engaged and engaging students, and the multi-age interaction that is fostered through our Pre-K through 12 student body. Our intentional work in creating an inclusive school community emphasizes both the joy of acquiring knowledge and the right to do so in a place where all students can become creative, independent, responsible, and ethical people.

Culture Project

Colorado Academy has undertaken a broad-reaching project to identify the defining and desired characteristics of our community. Parents, students, faculty, staff, and alumni have been integral to this work. Our culture project is focused on creating a group of students who are open to learning, change, failure, and improvement, and who have had significant opportunity to practice these skills.


Multiple social, national, historical, cultural, and political perspectives are represented in the CA curriculum in every grade, with an emphasis on both concepts and context. Topics are explored from many angles, from academia to the arts, and language studies include K-12 Spanish, 6-12 French, and 9-12 Mandarin.

Director of Inclusivity

CA’s Director of Inclusivity helps provide leadership in areas of equity and inclusive excellence, mentoring and support for students, and resource development for faculty, staff, and parents.

Community Outreach

CA conducts numerous events and forums to provide outreach to the broader CA community through our Parent Association Taste of CA:A Celebration of Cultures, our SPEAK Out event and SPEAK lectures.

Colorado Academy
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