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    Grade 8 Trip parent meeting

    9:45 a.m.
    Principal Wolf-Tinsman to provide zoom details

    Junior Class Parent Meeting

    Knowles Lecture Hall
    Presentation by the CA College Counseling 
    Presentation from Compass Education Group   
    (Compass Education Group offers college test preparation)

    Zoom Link for audio only:

    Parent Info Session: Grade 8 Backpacking Trip

    on Zoom
    Middle School Principal Bill Wolf-Tinsman will host a parent meeting to discuss the Grade 8 Backpacking Trip further and answer any questions parents may have. 

    Parent Activity: Book Club

    Welcome to CA Book Club! We are starting off the year as an informal meet and greet. We will discuss some of our favorite genres of books, format, frequency, and flow of book club. Please sign up on the CA Book Club Evite if you interested in attending this or future book club events. Please contact Karen Ceraso for more information.

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    Executive Committee Meeting #1

    At the home of Kellie Prall

    Middle School Back-to-School Night

    This event will be held on zoom.  Watch for details in CA Today.
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    Sophomore Class Social

    Putter's Pride Mini Golf
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    Sophomore Class Parent Meeting

    Knowles Lecture Hall in Upper School or Zoom
    5:00-5:05 - Welcome: Brooke Beasley and Andrea Bratis
    5:05-5:10 - Parking and Driving: Steven Hammer
    5:10-5:15 - Outdoor Program: Forbes Cone
    5:15-5:20 - DEI Opportunities: Miriah Royal
    5:20-5:25 - College Office: Sonia Arora
    5:25-5:35 - Counseling Office: Kate O'Donnell
    5:35-5:50 - Dean Role: Emily Perez
    5:50-6:00 - PA Announcements: Brooke Beasley and Andrea Bratis

    On Zoom:
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    Parent Activity: Bike Riding

    The CA Parent Association has a biking group!  Rides are organized based on ability level and riding interest (road rides and mountain bike rides).  Sign up through the volunteer form or reach out to Meghan Geisler directly.

    Lower School Back-to-School Night

    This event will be held on zoom. Watch for details in CA Today.
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    Reunions - 1961, 1970, 1971


    9:45 a.m. - Bike decorating
    10 a.m. - Bike Ride
    10 a.m. - 1 Homecoming Carnival and Bake Sale
     1 p.m.-    Upper School Naming Dedication

    Homecoming & Dedication of the Froelicher Upper School

    BBQ Lunch and the Dedication of the Upper School in honor of F. Charles Froelicher.

    Sophomore Parent Potluck Dinner

    At the home of Ned and Catherine Rollhaus

    US Homecoming Dance

    Welborn House - Maloy Courtyard - MC
    Contact: Max Delgado

    Freshman Parent Potluck

    At the home of Peter and Molly Blake
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    Parent Activity: Hiking Club

    Please join us to hike the Chavez and Beaver Brook Trail. This is a beautiful 5.1 mile loop near Golden. For more information, contact Brooke Beasley.  
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    Parent Activity: Bike Riding

    NOTE: Time will be adjusted to accommodate parents who would like to attend the LS grade coffee.

    Pre-K Parent Potluck Dinner

    Village Club
    Hosted by Greg and Sam Holloway
    Contact: Meg Braun

    Sixth Grade Parent Potluck Dinner

    At the home of Andrew and Kelly Haley
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    Junior Parent Potluck Dinner

    At the home of Jim and Cat Fagelson
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    College Reps Visit

    Welborn House - Welborn Dining Room - WD
    Contact: Sonia Arora

    The Big Draw

    Outdoor Spaces - Stamper Commons - SC
    Contact: Katy Hills

    Parent Ambassador Training

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