At Colorado Academy, we care about others.
From Fifth Grade students volunteering to rake leaves for members of the community to Seniors traveling to Nordette, Haiti to help children at St. Patrick’s School—from Middle School students chopping food at food banks to Upper School students tutoring refugees—CA students practice caring for people in need. They also show how much they care for the world they inhabit—removing graffiti from buildings, rebuilding hiking trails, and traveling abroad to research fragile ecosystems. 

Caring about people and the land is not just theoretical at CA. It is embedded in our daily life and culture.

Service Learning at CA

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  • Lower School

    CA instills the value of service in young children by helping them understand that the world is filled with uniqueness and difference and empowering them to create change. Giving a voice to the needs of others, children come to understand how they can make an enormous impact. These are the roots of empathy, compassion, gratitude, and cultural competence based within a framework of experiences they know.
  • Middle School

    All Middle School students spend three mornings during the school year volunteering with their Advisory at different locations. Students might choose to spend their time visiting animals in a shelter, cheering seniors in a retirement home, reading with students who are learning to speak English, preserving a section of habitat along the South Platte River, helping food banks sort groceries, traveling to soup kitchens to prepare meals for low-income or homeless individuals, and supporting homeless and underserved people on pathways to self-sufficiency.
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  • Upper School

    Service learning is woven into multiple aspects of the Upper School, including school-led projects and student-initiated endeavors. For example, during the first trimester, Ninth and Tenth Graders participate in a morning of service with their advisories off campus. Certain Global Travel programs are entirely devoted to service learning. Many Upper School classes also combine service in the form of teaching or volunteering in the local community. CA students are also members of a Philanthropy Board, which researches charitable causes and donates several thousand dollars to nonprofit charities annually.
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"I have always felt that I have so many blessings and opportunities at CA. That's why I wanted to be able to give back to others."
- Aly Gallagher, Class of 2019

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