Why Choose CA

Families who choose Colorado Academy make extraordinary statements about the importance of education in their lives. There are many reasons why:

Three A's: Academics, Arts, & Athletics

Many a CA student is known to spend the day engaged in class, then hit the court or field for athletic practice, and then head to the theater for play rehearsal. Our emphasis on the three pillars of Academics, the Arts, and Athletics is evident in our nationally recognized faculty, our award-winning programs and students, and our accomplished alumni.

Skill Set & Character Development

The three "pillars" are supported by a school-wide emphasis on 21st Century skills and character traits that are developed through intentional practice. The CA community – from faculty and parents to students and alumni – has been deeply involved in designing and defining just what those character traits are. We understand and embrace the learning opportunities that come with failure; we know how life can reward persistence as much (or more) than talent, and above all, we know the value of courage and conviction.

A History of Place and Purpose

For decades in its early existence, CA was the Collegiate Military School for Boys, an institution of academics, horsemanship, and athletics. By order of the War Department in the mid 1940s, the U.S. military added a Reserve Officers Training Corp program at CA, offering one of the best leadership programs in the country. A short time later, Outward Bound found its American birthplace at Colorado Academy. Embedded in the school’s ethos is a commitment to teaching leadership, service, confidence, tenacity, and perseverance. Today, as a leading independent college preparatory school in Colorado, CA’s signature Outdoor Program, Travel and Exchange options, sister school programs in Scotland, Argentina, Haiti and Rwanda, and annual Interim adventures are reminders of that history.

Unique Blend of People

Students from 73 zip codes across the Denver metropolitan area attend Colorado Academy; families from all parts of our city, all backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and means feel at home at Colorado Academy. The spirit of community on a Pre-K through 12 campus creates lifelong memories for children. Students discover multiple avenues for discovering their interests, in STEM, athletic, and artistic paths; and incredible teachers inspire students with their own love of learning and thirst for knowledge. Parents provide remarkable time and resources to embrace all of those efforts.

Visionary Leadership

Education is a uniquely human endeavor that must evolve constantly to meet the needs of each new group of students; and yet, at CA, our continued relevance in education also honors and balances the traditions of private education and independent schools. We are fortunate to have experienced and devoted leadership, continued involvement from former heads of school and faculty, and remarkable alumni.


Colorado Academy
3800 South Pierce Street
Denver, Colorado 80235

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