Our families choose CA for many different reasons. Please read why these families chose Colorado Academy.
You may also enjoy hearing from some of our students about why they love CA.

Why Our Students Love CA:

    • Georgia Roberts, Class of 2027, on "Why CA"

    • Charlie Miller, Class of 2027, on "Why CA"

    • Lillian Ormes, Class of 2028, on "Why CA"

    • Sergio Hernandez, Class of 2020 on "Why CA"

    • Gabriela Gonzales, Class of 2025, on "Why CA"

CA’s faculty, staff, and students are all fantastic.  We do not think our young adults could be any better prepared for the future on both an academic and a moral footing.

- Parents of Alumni

Why Families Choose CA:

    • Boys learning guitar and drums

      Balance and the Whole Child

      They choose CA because the school’s academic training is built upon the three pillars of Academics, the Arts, and Athletics.

    • Girls coding

      Skills and Character Development

      They choose CA because of our focus on children’s social and emotional development, and for the way that we infuse our teaching with these 21st century skills: critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, cultural competence, and character development.

    • Girls hugging

      Kindness, Courage, and Inclusivity

      They choose CA because we believe children must learn and practice kindness, courage, and how to be inclusive, and for the way that we welcome students from across the Denver metropolitan area, from all backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and means.

    • Commencement High Five

      A History of Place and Purpose

      They choose CA because of the school’s more than 100-year history in which there is an ethos of leadership, service, confidence, and fortitude.

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