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Alumni Board Members may be graduates or non-graduates. The Alumni Board administers the activities of the Colorado Academy Alumni Association and upholds its Bylaws and Mission Statement. The Alumni Board helps plan alumni events, raise funds for the CA Fund, and represent CA and the Alumni Association in the community.

Alumni Board Members are elected in May to a three-year term commencing on the first day of July following their election. No Board Member may serve more than two consecutive three-year terms.

Alumni Board Members are required to attend a minimum of three of the five board meetings per year, attend Alumni Association sponsored events, contribute to the CA Fund, and volunteer their time and talent to the Alumni Association. Board Members are also asked to solicit alumni major donors for a contribution to the CA Fund.

Alumni who are interested in serving on the Alumni Board should contact a current Alumni Board Member or the Alumni Director to express their willingness to participate.

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  • Executive Board Positions

    Kelly Young Campbell, 1998

    VP Development
    Georgia Grey 2008

    VP School Relations
    Elsa Woolley, 2011

    Co-VPs Special Events
    Jared Harding, 1997
    Ben Hock, 2007

    President Elect
    Elas Woolley, 2011
  • Members at Large

    Chris Bailey, 2002
    Alex Barton, 1997
    VJ Brown, 2011
    Austin Carpenter, 2005
    Katie Cordes, 2003
    Lisa Harrison Ellsworth, 1979
    Courtney Engle, 2008
    Brian Fisher, 2002
    Isabel Gary, 2009
    Georgia Grey, 2008
    Karl Koch, 2005
    Myles McGinnis, 2008
    Aimée Nieuwenhuizen, 2006
    Brian Parks, 1996
    Ashley Peterson, 2006
    Max Shaw, 2008
    Zach Tucker, 2001
    Terrie Dickinson Warren, 1973
    Nicole Sisk Wiechecki, 2001
    Elsa Woolley, 2011

    Gordon Smith, 1979
  • Ex Officio Members

    Sue Burleigh, Alumni Director
    303.914.2584, Alumni Office
    303.478.0886, Mobile

    Mike Davis, Head of School

Past Presidents

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  • Warner Weiss ’61

    President 1965-1966

    Warner Weiss came to CA midway through his Freshman year, in 1958. He transferred from East High School. Warner was a boarding student living in Stevens House with Chum Howe ’61. Colin Dunkeld, an Upper School English teacher and Head of the Lower School, was his dorm master. He recalls that his father thought Colorado Academy was still a military school and felt his son needed that type of regimen and discipline. Warner found structure and motivation at CA. He remembers Mr. and Mrs. John Hewey, history teacher, who were encouraging to the boarding students and gave them a sense of family.

    One lasting memory Warner has of CA was the “culture of college” that Headmaster Chuck Froelicher instilled in his students. “Everyone was expected to go to college,” Warner said.
    After one year at Rollins College in Florida, Warner transferred to the University of Colorado Boulder. He graduated with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and continued his studies at CU Boulder through a fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

    In 1967, Warner with his wife Marty and their children moved to Rockford, Ill. where he worked as a hydraulics engineer for Sundstrand Corp., a manufacturer of aerospace and industrial products. Eventually moving back to Denver with his family, Warner worked as an engineer for CFI Sugar. He eventually left the company to start his own business, Sugars International, LLC (, where he continues to work.

    As the first Alumni President, Warner joined the CA Board of Trustees. As Alumni President and on CA’s behalf, he secured a guest speaker to come to CA. Through his contacts in Boulder, he was able to arrange for a speaker from NCAR, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, to address the student body.

    Alumni Quarterly, Fall 1965 published a letter from first Alumni Association President, Warner Weiss, and a brief biography. Click HERE to view.
  • Michael Piel ’61

  • Michael Lubchenco ’62

  • Sam Holden ’63

  • Gordon Stonington ’61

  • David Price ’69

    President 1976-1977

    David came to CA in 1963 as a Seventh Grade boarding student from Kansas City. “CA was the best thing that ever happened to me.” He lived in both Howard House (opened in 1960) and Stevens House (opened in 1964). He fondly remembers his dorm masters Bob and Pat Simms, Dylan Evans, and Mr. Frank Slevin. Roommates included 1969 alumni Don Dodge, Charles Cavness, Monte Pearson, Gary Chavez, and ’68 alumnus Jeff Baker. As David recalls, boarding students maintained curfews at 10:00 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 11:00 p.m. on Friday, and midnight on Saturday. Of the approximately 90 boarding students, 30-40 went home for the weekends.

    As a full-time boarding student, David was on campus over the weekends, eating all his meals with Harry McGinnis, who ran CA’s food service program. David’s memories of Harry include breakfasts at 7:00 a.m. Friday evening “Steak Night” once a month was a favorite among the boarding students. Other staff on campus with whom David cultivated strong bonds were operations staffers, Joe Marino and Elio Sotolongo.

    Faculty who left a lasting impression on David are Dr. Tom Fitzgerald, 9th Grade Government and Baseball Coach and Cam Witherspoon, Social Studies and 8th Grade Basketball Coach. David still stays in contact with them. Other faculty to influence David were Assistant Headmaster Tom Lee and Upper School Math teacher, Tom Wood. Bob Simms, Athletic Director and coach of many sports, and Pat Simms were also a huge part of David’s CA experience.

    A highlight of each spring at CA was the Annual River Trip, a three-day Memorial Weekend tradition. Hatch River Expeditions of Vernal, Utah supplied the rafts and guides. As David remembers, CA’s Kayak Team spent all winter building kayaks for the trip with Ernest “Tap” Tapley in his woodshop in the old Welborn barn. David recalls Allen Cranmer and Peter Stonington among the students who built kayaks for the trip.

    David attended ASU with Mark Reed and had a brief radio career, and he said it was tough on family life. David lived two years in Denver at which time he served as Alumni Board President. He recalls Alumni Board Meetings at Chuck Froelicher’s home in Denver. He then returned to Kansas City with his wife, Cindy, and started a very successful career in insurance.

    Giant Relay Day Memory:
    David was part of the Alumni Relay Team in 1977. It was the second year that alumni were invited to race against the students and faculty. This tradition continues today. David’s leg of the race was running up Pierce Street to the old soccer field, behind the gym next to Pinehurst Country Club, and via Wright Field to Woody’s Pond. He remembers it as long run.

    To read David’s letter to alumni on May 2, 1997, click HERE.
  • Bill Gerber ’65

  • Don Dodge ’69

  • Scott Olson ’70

  • Ken Perry ’72

  • Jonathan Bush ’77

  • Rob Tallmadge ’74

  • Rich Kylberg ’80

  • Don Montgomery ’76

  • Linc Jackson ’75

  • Martin Weiker ’68

  • Gordon Smith ’79

    President 1996-1997

    Gordon Smith came to CA in 1969, entering the Third Grade. He transferred from Dora Moore Elementary School in Denver and was following his brother, Mark ’77, who came to CA the previous year. Gordon’s first teacher was Else Abbott, followed by Yoeman Fisher in Fourth Grade. Gordon and Mark got to CA with the help of a car pool shared with Billy Talbott ’79. Lower School Teacher Eileen Headrick also took Gordon to CA.

    Gordon has fond memories of many faculty. Mac Rives was the LS & MS Principal. Dr. Tom Fitzgerald taught the course, “Man – a Course of Study.” Jack Myslik was Gordon’s US math teacher and soccer coach, and Darcy Kelly taught US history. Dick Weeks was Gordon’s hockey coach. English teacher, Linda Plaut, was so patient. Gordon recalls, “You could relate to the faculty. They talked to you like real people and they wanted to understand your strengths and weaknesses.”

    Gordon enjoyed getting to know alumni from other classes through his involvement with the Alumni Association Board. Without that he might not have had the opportunity to meet Peter Korneffel ’83, Rob Tallmadge ’74, Jonathan Bush ’77, and Martin Weiker ’68. Martin was in charge of alumni events and was one of the alumni who created the Holiday Art Show.

    Following CA, Gordon attended Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y., receiving a BA, and the University of Colorado, obtaining his MBA. Following in his mother’s footsteps (Carolyn Smith was a CA Trustee and Director of Development), Gordon is the Assistant Vice President, Campaign, Planned and Principal Gifts at National Jewish Hospital.
  • Peter Korneffel ’83

  • Kass Hansen Patterson ’78

  • Scott Perlman ’79

  • Lisa Kugler von Gunten ’79

  • Tom Kimball ’89

  • Brooke Bansbach Maloy ’90

  • Kerri Bay Cole ’86

  • Jill Boat Rakowski ’92

  • Chris Firman ’93

  • Jeska Horgan-Kobelski ’98

  • Liz Buckingham Oertel ’93

  • Brian Robinson '02

  • Alex Barton, '97

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