Colorado Academy’s 2022 Strategic Plan, The Future in Focus, builds from our mission: to create curious, kind, courageous, and adventurous learners and leaders. 
Strategic priorities for the next five years at CA will be guided through four primary lenses, those that emerged after a comprehensive, yearlong process of committee exploration and discussion:

  1. Enhance the Student Experience
  2. Support Instructional Excellence
  3. Make Strategic Investments in Campus Facilities
  4. Improve Financial Stability

Strategic Focal Points

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  • 1. Enhance the Student Experience

    We see an opportunity for CA to prepare students for a complex and ever-changing world by enhancing our Pre-K through Grade 12 curriculum with more authentic engagement, as well as self-directed, inquiry-based learning. This work not only helps students explore their sense of purpose and exercise agency, it also aligns with emerging best practices at leading independent schools across the country. 

    CA’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as to sustainability, are infused in all of this work and are vital to upholding our values as a school. These experiences will likewise be anchored in our 21st Century learning framework, the Six Cs: critical thinking and problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, cultural competence, and character development.
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  • 2. Support Instructional Excellence

    CA strives to cultivate a healthy and inspiring work environment where faculty are empowered on their professional journeys. We see a robust and ongoing commitment to faculty development through resources and support as essential to the evolving curriculum proposed in this plan.
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  • 3. Make Strategic Investments in Campus Facilities

    CA is an idyllic environment, one surrounded by natural beauty, with outstanding academic buildings and high caliber athletic and arts facilities that serve the CA community and bring the public to our campus. Ongoing investments in campus facilities are fundamental to fulfilling our mission and to supporting top-notch programming, strong enrollment, and financial sustainability.
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  • 4. Improve Financial Sustainability

    CA is well-positioned to leverage its reputation, expertise, and physical assets to generate valuable auxiliary revenue streams, while simultaneously enhancing the experience for CA students and faculty, burnishing CA’s brand, and deepening engagement with our broader community.
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Strategic Plan Background (How We Got Here)

In 2021, CA’s Board of Trustees created a Strategic Planning Committee that included faculty, administrators, and board members and hosted multiple brainstorming sessions with students from all divisions. To help inform our Strategic Plan, we solicited input from stakeholders of the CA community, including teachers, administrators, students, parents, and alumni. The Committee interviewed leaders at more than 40 independent schools across the country, learning from their experiences and programmatic efforts as well as discussing the future of independent school education, the changing expectations of colleges and universities, and the broader needs and values of our increasingly diverse workforce and society. 

In deciding what to prioritize, first and foremost we took into consideration CA’s mission: “to create curious, kind, courageous, and adventurous learners and leaders.” We evaluated ideas through the lens of how they would help advance our mission. 

At our core, CA remains focused on delivering the best possible education, both in and out of the classroom. The Future in Focus builds upon CA’s already rigorous academic program and unique extracurricular offerings in ways that spark student curiosity, provide space for exploration, and allow all learners to take more ownership over their education. We will respond to the strong desire communicated by our students for more immersive and research-oriented learning experiences. Evolving our offerings in these ways will help CA prepare our students to lead fulfilling lives in college and the world beyond.
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