Lower School

Physical Education That Fosters a Love for Physical Activity
Our goals in the Lower School physical education program are to promote and foster a lifelong love for physical activity and create lasting growth in physical skills and fitness. Students work through a series of athletic activities designed to challenge them as individuals and as a group while reinforcing both gross and fine motor skill development, teamwork, and age-appropriate problem solving.

Pre-K-Grade 2

  • Introduction to throwing, catching, and dodging (agility & balance)
  • Teaching kicking, punting, dribbling, receiving, coordination, and pattern work
  • Using CA's very own Scooter Highway--an award-winning activity and obstacle course to build body control and muscle awareness
  • Practicing basic and intermediate movement patterns
  • Giant parachute activities to enhance listening skills and teamwork

Grades 3-5

  • Introduction to Middle School and Upper School sports and activity offerings, including racquet sports, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, and softball/baseball
  • Large group activities designed to reinforce skill development and problem-solving applications
  • Reinforcement of basic and intermediate movement patterns
  • Fitness Testing

Signature Programs

CA's Swimming Program: At the beginning of each school year and at the end, students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 5 participate in a variety of swimming challenges and activities designed to teach students how to be confident, independent, and adventurous young swimmers. PE instructors go in the water with the students to help teach stroke development and technique, while also reinforcing water safety and awareness of other swimmers.

Giant Relay Day: All students are invited to take part in CA's long-standing tradition of Giant Relay Day! The PE instructors offer a Field Day filled with varied athletic activities and challenges for students in Grades Pre-K through Grade 5. After an all-school picnic lunch, Middle and Upper School students participate in hotly contested divisional relay races on campus prior to the official Giant Relay, which pits CA seniors, faculty, alumni, and parents against one another in a race throughout CA's beautiful campus.

Sean Stedeford, Lower School Physical Education

Colorado Academy's Lower School physical education program is built around the study of kinesiology, or the physiological, biomechanical, and psychological mechanisms of movement. CA’s program encompasses a broad-based curriculum geared to the characteristics, interests, and needs of students, all of which increase the likelihood that children will become lifelong participants in physical activity.
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