CA Middle School fosters a love of learning while encouraging newfound independence.
The Middle School years are like no other. Young people experience more growth and change, physically, mentally, and emotionally, during these three years than at any other time since the first year of life. To help them navigate these changes, we have created an environment that supports and challenges each child’s desire to explore, to set and achieve goals, and to navigate these exciting formative years. At the conclusion of Eighth Grade, we want each student to have a positive predisposition toward learning, the skills to thrive academically, and the social and emotional skills to navigate an increasingly complex social world.

Our academic, arts, athletic, and advisory curricula are designed to help students develop the necessary skills for future success. Some days, students of this age need additional support; in the next moment, the same young person needs to be pushed just a little bit more than she thinks she is ready for. Because our classes are small, and our teachers work closely together, we are able to know each child well as an individual and learner and help each find success.

CA Middle School is an environment that encourages risk taking and discovery. How would you know if you love acting, tennis, biology, field hockey, videography, geometry, modern dance, poetry, or any of the myriad academic, arts, and athletic opportunities we offer unless you first give it a try? Having the chance and encouragement to try something new—to learn to rock climb on a weeklong Interim trip or to develop empathy as a leader of our philanthropy board—allows students to explore who they are in a safe and nurturing environment, guided by experienced, thoughtful teachers. Our Middle School is a smorgasbord of opportunity, limited only by a child’s desire to jump in and try something new.
    • Bill Wolf-Tinsman, Middle School Principal

      As a school principal for over 25 years and a parent, I know what an important decision it is to choose a school that is right for your son or daughter. At CA we are committed to helping each young person grow into his/her potential, and we will be there each day with a helping hand, kind word, or gentle nudge.

Middle School Pillars

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  • Academic Growth

    Academically we focus our efforts on developing students’ ability to think critically, problem solve, work collaboratively, and develop independence. 
  • Social Growth

    Socially, we encourage students to be kind, courageous, and inclusive in their social interactions. 
  • Ethical Growth

    Ethically, we guide students to develop a robust moral compass, understanding that sometimes the greatest learning comes from making small, and occasionally large, mistakes along the way and knowing that every student needs to become skilled as a learner, person, and ethical problem solver. 

Middle School News

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