Throughout the school year, Froelicher Theatre is alive with instruction, role-playing, rehearsals, and performances. Colorado Academy students work under the instruction of teachers who are professional artists themselves.

Theater in Middle School

As students enter sixth grade, they build on skills acquired in Lower School music classes to learn character analysis, script approach, and audition preparation, as well as the basics of technical theater and dramatic production. In seventh and eighth grades, students undertake acting classes leading to performance in plays and musicals. They also receive comprehensive technical theater instruction, including equipment, carpentry, printing, lighting, and production. The Middle School theater program produces a play or a musical each year.

Theater in Upper School

In ninth and tenth grade acting classes, students learn the art of improvisation, mask training, monologues, cold reading, production, writing, and scene study. Technical theater students increase knowledge of shop tools and safety, learn computer-aided design, and participate in a production practicum, in addition to designing and executing stage sets for major and minor Middle and Upper School productions. During their junior and senior years, students enhance their acting and theater-production skills by participating in advanced or independent studies to increase their knowledge and practical experience. Our Theater Department also offers classes in film making, in which students learn techniques of filming, sound, lighting, editing, and film acting, while making films in a variety of genres. Students in the Upper School have myriad opportunities to participate in plays and musicals, both on the main stage and in the Basement Theatre.

Theater Faculty

List of 4 members.

  • Dr. Jan De Sal 

    Director of Visual & Performing Arts
    Catholic University in America - BA
    Catholic University in America - MAT
    University of Rhode Island - PhD
    At CA Since: 2015
  • Mr. Maclain Looper 

    MS & US Theatre
    University of Michigan - BFA
    At CA Since: 2015
  • Mr. James Meehan 

    MS & US Theater Tech
    Middlesex University-London - BA
    At CA Since: 2015
  • Mr. Stephen Scherer 

    MS & US Theater & Theater Tech
    Eastern Illinois University - BA
    At CA Since: 1994