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Homecoming dance is happening -- outdoors!

By Max Delgado
Homecoming is around the corner, and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear students chatting in the halls about the various events that serve as hallmarks for this special time of year. A topic that has been circulating most recently is that of the homecoming dance. Dances, of course, took a major hiatus since the start of the pandemic, and for good reason. But like schools all across the country, CA is eager to resurrect this tradition, but under a new set of protocols that will help keep this event low-risk. 

Knowing that not every Upper School student runs home to share the details of what we share with them here at school, I wanted to offer a brief overview of how we’re envisioning this dance, and offer an invitation for any parent or guardian to reach out to their respective grade dean if they have any questions.

This year’s homecoming dance will take place on Saturday, September 18, from 8-10:30 p.m., here on campus, outdoors, on the Maloy Courtyard and surrounding lawn.

Here are a few more notable details to keep in mind; these are the standard practices we established before the pandemic. Please note we’ll be sending a longer email to students next week, with more details, as the date approaches:
  • The homecoming dance will be open to all grades, 9-12; it will *not* be open to non-CA students, meaning we won’t be having guests at this dance.
  • We ask students not to bring their own water bottles—we’ll provide water for this dance and an area for students to store any bags if they need to bring them.
  • Dates are not necessary—most students come in groups or with their grade.
  • Students must arrive by 9 p.m.; the “doors” will close at 9 p.m.
  • If a student leaves the dance before 10:30, they won’t be allowed to re-enter the dance. Students won’t be allowed to hang out in the parking lot after they leave the dance.
  • The dance ends promptly at 10:30 p.m.—we ask that all students plan a ride home.
  • All drop-off, pick-up, and entry to the dance will be run through the main entrance and Upper School circle. Students driving themselves should park in the faculty and student lot, accessible through the theater entrance.
  • There will be a theme—yes!—and students will get details about this theme from Community Council, the student organization planning this dance. Please assume that no matter what the theme is, the dress for the dance will be casual.
As you might suspect, holding the dance outside allows us to frustrate the possible spread of COVID-19 and keep this event low-risk. The outdoors offers such a *strong* mitigation effort, that in the event of rain, we would cancel the homecoming dance in lieu of moving the dance indoors. Should we need to cancel—which we hope not to do!—CA would try to find an alternative event or mode of celebration sometime in the future. If we do cancel, the school will aim to send students and families an email notification by 6:45 p.m. I know you are joining all of us in keeping your fingers crossed for good weather.

We know that the homecoming dance is just one of the many events being held the weekend of the 18th, and we hope—and encourage—our students to partake in as many activities as they can, especially our athletic competitions.

We look forward to seeing you soon and hope you have a great end to the week!
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