Speech and Debate

Community Leadership Team

CA Seniors mentor Ninth Graders with teen issues and adjusting to life in the Upper School.
The Community Leadership Team is a group of Senior students selected and trained by the professional staff to facilitate group discussions with underclassmen. These Seniors possess a natural inclination towards helping others and represent a variety of leadership styles. They receive training throughout the year focused on facilitating group discussions, learning skills and strategies to help underclassmen get better acclimated to Upper School, and understanding topics relevant to the freshmen experience. These Seniors are considered peer support helpers for the Freshmen and role models for the CA school community.

In groups of three, CLT Seniors meet with their Ninth Grade advisory group approximately every two weeks throughout the school year, to facilitate group activities and discussions about contemporary teen issues and provide support in navigating Upper School life at CA. They meet with the CLT staff once every cycle to prepare and process the group’s discussions and dynamics. CLT is also available for other Upper School community needs such as Freshman Orientation, Parent Preview, Ninth Grade retreat, facilitating group discussions with Tenth Grade advisories, Homecoming, PlatFORUM, and Giant Relay Day.

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