Meet a Mustang


CA has provided opportunities for this Junior to try many new things
What grade are you in?
Grade 11
What grade were you in when you started at CA?
Grade 6
When you think of CA, what comes to mind first?
I think of CA as a fun and welcoming community, full of amazing teachers and friends.
What is your favorite memory of your time at CA?
My favorite memory of my time at CA would probably be my Eighth Grade Interim, when a group and I went kayaking for a week.
What academic subject or class has been challenging to you? What have you done to persevere?
Math has been a challenging subject at times, but whenever I struggle with it, I know I have friends and teachers that are willing to help.
Share what you love about CA's arts offerings.
I love how diverse the fine art offerings are; they truly allow students to find their passions outside of academics. I also love that as we grow more passionate about the class, so does the class itself, as there are multiple offerings within the same subject, like Acting 1 and Acting 2.
Share what you love about your experiences in CA athletics.
CA athletics are so inclusive and encourage me to try new things. They allow me to get to know people from other grades, and grow more passionate about the sport.
If you were to create a nonprofit, what would it do?
If I were to create a nonprofit organization, I think I would make it help children in need. Being a kid is when you're supposed to make the happiest memories, so helping a child in any way will allow them to look back as an adult with a smile on their face.
When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?
When people come to me for help, it's usually about a certain class, or if I can read their essay and provide any feedback.
What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
I think the most amazing adventure to go on would probably be traveling the world and going to every single country, experiencing different cultures, trying new foods, getting to know more people, and perhaps getting to know a deeper part of myself.

Meet A Mustang:

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