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Biking the Grand Canyon a top memory for CA Superlifer
What grade are you in?
Class of 2020 Alumna
What grade were you in when you started at CA?
I have been at CA since daycare.
When you think of CA, what comes to mind first?
When I first think of CA, I am reminded of the amazing community. The dedication of the teachers and students to the well-being of the school is inspiring. I know that if I asked any one of my teachers for assistance, they wouldn’t hesitate to help. In the Upper School, most days finish with a 30-minute block called “help time.” During this time, teachers are in their classrooms to answer any questions. I frequently use this block to ask questions, continue a classroom discussion, or work on a project. Every teacher is enthusiastic and eager to help. The same can be said about the students. Everyone at CA has a passion for learning and aims to have fun while pushing themselves academically. The CA student body is one of the most compassionate and welcoming you will ever meet.
What is your favorite memory of your time at CA?
Every year, all Middle and Upper School students participate in a week-long faculty-led trip called Interim. During my Freshman year, I had the opportunity to mountain bike the Grand Canyon. Every day, we awoke to a stunning view of the sun rising over the canyon, rode our bikes around the rim, and played camp games. Even though this was four years ago, I still remember how much fun I had. I am not an avid biker, so this trip pushed me outside my comfort zone. I remember the first day feeling overwhelmed, having to walk my bike around fallen trees and large rocks. The supportive teachers and students are what made the trip memorable. Being totally disconnected allowed us to connect on a more personal level. To this day, I remain friends with those with whom I shared this unique experience.
What academic subject or class has been challenging to you? What have you done to persevere?
Currently, I am taking AP Spanish Literature. In this class, we read different texts from every century and analyze their themes and relations to current times. Spanish has always been one of my stronger subjects; however, this class has challenged me in all aspects of the language. During the first trimester, I struggled with the obscure vocabulary in both the texts and literary terms. Frustrated, I would read, but was not understanding the material. Within the first two weeks, my teacher saw my hesitancy to speak in class and stopped me in the hall one day after class. She reassured me I was doing great, and that this was the most challenging language class at CA. She walked me through the vocabulary and encouraged me to read summaries online. Now after every chapter I note new vocabulary and Google a summary. This has greatly helped with my comprehension of the stories. Although this is one of the hardest classes I have taken at CA, I love the challenge and the support received from my classmates and teacher.
Share what you love about CA's arts offerings.
I love how CA arts are open and accessible to everyone. Sophomore year, I walked into my first photo class, nervous because I had no experience in the visual arts. After two weeks, I felt comfortable, not only using the camera, but also editing all my photos. My teacher knew I was a beginner and helped tailor the class to me. I never felt like I was behind or that any of my work was being judged. This past trimester, I took a ceramics course and loved it. My teacher encouraged us to make mistakes and enjoy the artistic process. Each day, I looked forward to these classes, because they provided a place for me to decompress with creative freedom.
Share what you love about your experiences in CA athletics.
This past season, the CA Field Hockey team won the state title. I had been dreaming about winning the title since I was a Freshman, trying out during preseason. Four years later, my team was rushing the field after the game, jumping up and down with the trophy. It was the most incredible feeling in the world to know that all of our hard work and dedication had paid off. Although the team was excited, so was the entire school. Parents, students, and teachers who had watched us play throughout the season were so proud of our win and the adversity we overcame. My favorite part of the night was watching the fans jump up and down as the clock counted down the remaining seconds. The spirit and excitement for us was unreal. The moment of everyone coming together to celebrate an undefeated season is what makes CA athletics so special.
What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
One of the most amazing adventures for me would be hiking the Alps through France, Switzerland, and Italy. I have heard it is gorgeous terrain surrounded by alpine lakes, flowers, and mountains. It would be fascinating to explore these countries by hiking through their mountain ranges.
What skill would you like to master?
One skill I would like to master is being able to make sushi. Sushi is one of my favorite foods, and I think it would interesting to make it from scratch.

Meet A Mustang:

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