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Choral Ensembles - Middle & Upper Schools

Students join choral ensembles because they enjoy singing and are committed to excellence. 
In rehearsal, they learn to understand, appreciate, and perform various genres of vocal music. They receive valuable training in musical literacy and theory, which serves as a foundation for lifelong music understanding and appreciation.

Middle School, students participate in two choirs which develop skills through diverse repertoire.
  • The Sixth Grade Choir
  • The Seventh and Eighth Grade Choir
Students in Upper School can participate in several ensembles.
  • The large ensemble Concert Choir
  • Chanteurs, a smaller chamber choir of mixed (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) voices
  • Jazz and a cappella groups
Student ensembles perform at multiple events throughout the year. In performance, students practice courage and composure and also build lasting friendships. They know the satisfaction of striving for excellence, and this carries over into every other aspect of their lives.
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