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“Keeping Kids Safe–Taming our Technology,” Devorah Heitner

This event will take place on Zoom.
Screenwise author and previous SPEAK lecturer, Devorah Heitner, PhD, offers a webinar focused on the social-emotional components of balancing screen time with unplugged time in family life. What should the “screen time” rules be for both recreational and learning tech use during this unusual time? She will also talk about parenting kids when it comes to social media, texting, and gaming, as well as how to keep up with news without getting overwhelmed (and being cautious with what news kids are consuming.) Heitner is the author of ​Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in their Digital World, a guide for parents to mentoring digital kids. Her insights have appeared in the ​Washington Post​,​ Real Simple, New York Times,​ ​Psychology Today​, ​and more. She holds a PhD in Media/Technology and Society from Northwestern University, has taught at DePaul University and Northwestern University, and is delighted to be raising her own digital native.

*Note: This event is part of a Middle School Parent Association meeting.

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