Leach Center for the Performing Arts

Dating back to 1977, Colorado Academy’s Froelicher Theatre serves as the gathering place for the traditions and ceremonies that are the heart of the CA community. CA’s theater is home to performances for students from Pre-K to 12 and one of the most critical learning spaces on the century-old campus. Whether it is a musical or a play, a chamber or jazz concert or an instrumental recital, a dance performance  or choir concert, a student-run town hall meeting or a presentation by a guest speaker, the theater is a space that allows all CA students to collaborate and explore their creative interests.
Since the theater opened more than 40 years ago, Colorado Academy has seen significant growth in its student body and in the number and variety of its performing arts courses and productions. However, the theater is the only major building on campus that has not been renovated, remodeled, or rebuilt in the past 20 years. The theater is long overdue for upgrades to address inadequate spaces for teaching and learning, outdated technical equipment, and an inoperative heating and cooling system. A new structure will create an appropriate and inspiring venue for the theatrical productions, concerts, and recitals that showcase our highly successful performing arts and music programs, and also provide an improved setting for CA gatherings.

In recognition of a generous lead gift from Bryan Leach and Jennifer Gaudiani to launch the school’s major fundraising effort for the new Center for the Performing Arts, the new facility will be named the Leach Center for the Performing Arts. With a total projected cost of $11 million, the Leach Center for the Performing Arts will replace the school’s existing Froelicher Theater. The new structure, designed by Shears Adkins Rockmore Architects, will be new construction, built in the same location on campus as the current theater.
The new Performing Arts Center will include:
  • Upgraded digital sound, lighting, and video equipment
  • Flexible spaces for teaching, rehearsing, and performing
  • Improved backstage, dressing room, and technical theater work spaces
  • Increased seating capacity
  • Improved accessibility
  • Effective heating and cooling system
  • Expanded lobby space and repositioned theater entrances

We invite you to support the See it Through capital campaign and help fund the new Leach Center for the Performing Arts.

Why CA needs a new Performing Arts Center

Leach / Gaudiani Gift Announcement

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