Student Leadership

Developing the Courage and Ability to Step Up
For decades in its early existence, CA was the Collegiate Military School for Boys, an institution of academics, horsemanship, and athletics. Certainly, times have changed. However, a school-wide commitment to leadership, service, confidence, tenacity, and perseverance remains embedded in our school’s ethos and becoming an effective and gracious leader is an important part of a CA education. 

Supported by a staff and faculty that believe in them, CA students help to create the school’s culture and its sense of community, encouragement, collaboration, and achievement. It is a welcoming and inclusive place, where individual abilities and personalities are celebrated from Pre-Kindergarten through the 12th grade, and where lifelong memories are made. We offer numerous ways for our students to experience and practice leadership, including academic programs and classes that analyze leadership and decision making, and groups through which students develop leadership skills outside of the classroom. 


We encourage students in each division to participate in the many student activities, clubs, and organizations offered at CA. New clubs and interest groups are formed each year, depending on student interest and initiative. Many clubs are sponsored by students who wish to try new activities or learn specialized skills.

Middle School Clubs

Student and faculty sponsored clubs are offered during a once per six-day cycle during dedicated class time, and students have the opportunity to participate in two different clubs each year. Students who choose not to participate have a mandatory study hall. Recent Middle School clubs include: Newspaper, Photography, Duct Tape, Art Club, Dance Club, Virtual Money Competition, Scrabble Club, Math Counts, Girls’ Leadership, Magic Tricks, Unicycle/Circus Club, Gentleman’s Club, Forensic (Debate) Club, Outdoor Club, Geography Club, Student Trainer Club, The Onion, Finger Board Club, and Muna (Hope in Swahili) Club.

Upper School Clubs and Organizations

New clubs and interest groups are formed each year, depending on student interest and initiative. Current clubs include American Red Cross; Anime; AfricAid; Amnesty International; Community Council; Faces of Diversity; Language Honor Societies; Kokopelli; Mock Trial; Model UN; Math League; Students H.O.P.E.; and Yearbook.

Community Leadership Team

CA’s Community Leadership Team (CLT) offers peer leadership opportunities to Upper division students who have a natural inclination towards helping others. Trained CLT members may serve as facilitators of small discussion groups and act as peer helpers to whomever they encounter. These students play a key role in perpetuating the welcoming atmosphere and the long-held traditions in CA's Upper School.

Student Council

Middle School and Upper School each has an elected Student Council which provides leadership in the school and encourages student involvement in maintaining and improving the school climate; supports students’ endeavors in academics, the arts, and athletics; and also sponsors social events and community services.

A Unique Blend of People

Families from 73 zip codes across the Denver metropolitan area attend Colorado Academy; students from all parts of our city, all backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and means feel at home here.

A Community of Support

Students discover multiple avenues for pursuing their interests, and incredible teachers inspire students with their own love of learning and thirst for knowledge. Parents from across the metro area provide remarkable time and resources to embrace all of those efforts.

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