Interim Program

Each Spring, students in the Middle and Upper divisions participate in week-long Interim trips designed to immerse students and faculty in experiences and pursuits that broaden their skills, test their abilities, and sharpen the awareness of the world in which they live. Whether they engage in artistic pursuits, service learning trips, or wilderness expeditions throughout the Rocky Mountains, CA alumni often describe this program as one of their favorites.


The goal of Interim is to immerse students and faculty in experiences and pursuits that are consistent with the mission of Colorado Academy. Interim provides each student with the opportunity to get out of the classroom and learn by doing, and learn through service and exposure to new ideas, experiences and environments. Interim offerings span the gamut from artistic pursuits and service learning to wilderness expeditions. These challenging experiences help students develop self-confidence and empathy for their classmates. Immersion in these activities allows students and faculty to broaden their skills, appreciation and awareness of the world they live in.


Interim Succeeds Through:
  • Challenging students to learn and develop new ideas, awareness and skills.
  • Providing experiences that help students to develop perseverance and determination to overcome obstacles.
  • Helping students to embrace physically challenging situations that require collaboration.
  • Helping students better understand the workings of communities and the values of service to others.
  • Offering active learning opportunities via exploratory and creative experiences
  • Helping students develop skills that will assist them in reaching their full potential and personal growth.


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