Experiential Education

Challenging Perceptions, Teaching Resilience
Colorado Academy’s Experiential Education Programs are designed to offer students experiences that can test and refine their skills, strengthen their compassion, commitment, and tenacity, all while having fun.

American educational theorist David Kolb says experiential learning consists of four elements:

  1. active experimentation (doing)
  2. concrete experience (experiencing)
  3. abstract conceptualization (thinking)
  4. reflective observation (reflective)
Each of these elements is part of CA’s program.  

Kolb, D. A. 1984. Experiential learning: Experience as the source of learning and development. 
Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall

Forbes Cone, Director of Experiential Education

The heart of this program is designed to transform a student’s perception that failure is something to be avoided at all cost, into an opportunity to become a determined and resilient individual.

Forbes Cone
303-986-1501 x 2670

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