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Consult the calendar below for major events and standardized test schedules. The timeline outlines the major milestones for the college counseling program in 11th and 12th grades.

Juniors and seniors should log in to Naviance for the complete schedule of college visits, and to sign up for reminder emails.

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Timeline for Junior and Senior Year

This timeline is meant to give a general overview of key events during the college advising, search and application processes that unfold over the junior and senior years. Refer to the Calendar and Announcements for the current year's dates and programming. Note: there are numerous references below to standardized test dates. By no means should students plan to sit for every exam! Consult your counselor to make a testing plan.

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  • Junior Calendar

    • The PSAT and a practice ACT are available to juniors. Information is provided in September.
    • PSAT and practice ACT results arrive. College Office schedules class meeting presentations to explain results for students.
    • Junior College Night (for students and parents)
    • Juniors have first individual meeting with the College Office (continued through March)
    • Juniors complete Junior Questionnaire on Naviance before scheduling their first meeting
    • Take the SAT (about one-third of juniors have elected this date in the past; the majority wait until spring test dates)
    • Take the ACT (about half of the juniors may elect this date)
    • Register for March SAT
    • Register for April ACT (if advised)
    • Juniors continue checking in with college counselors
    • Counselor meetings with parents begin
    • Take the SAT (if advised)
    • Spring Break (College trip?)
    • Register for May SAT or Subject Tests (if advised)
    • Juniors schedule meetings with counselors to discuss college research
    • Take the ACT (if advised)
    • Admissions Case Studies Program—offered jointly with Kent Denver

    **Visit campuses to help determine criteria for college search:  size, campus, academic interests, location, setting; plan additional trips for long weekends and summer. You don’t have to travel far; near Denver we have several great examples of different types of institutions. Call in advance to schedule tours and meetings.

    • Narrowed-down college list due to College Office
    • Take the SAT (if advised)
    • AP Exams
    • Register for June SAT or Subject Tests (if advised)
    • Register for June ACT (if advised)
    • Upper School Interim
    • Take the SAT (if advised)
    • Summer break--Update resumes on Naviance.
  • Senior Calendar

    June- August- September
    • Application “boot camps” and essay writing workshops are held throughout the summer.
    • Schedule individual meetings (ongoing) to go over summer research, begin narrowing lists, and to begin to prepare college essays. (Parents are encouraged to contact us as well!)  
    • First day of school-- Senior Information Update Due!
    • Senior Parent College Night-- parents only
    • Register for Oct. SAT or Subject Tests (if advised)
    • Complete Senior Questionnaire on Naviance, and also continue to update CA resume (and Junior Questionnaire, if applicable)
    • Register for Oct. ACT (if advised)
    • Students schedule conversations with teachers to request recommendation letters.
    • PROFILE financial aid form registration available
    • Register for Nov. SAT or Subject Tests (if advised)
    • Take SAT I or Subject Tests (if advised)
    • Denver College Fairs and busy week of college reps at CA
    • Request/ complete peer references
    • Oct.10   Request transcripts for ED/EA apps on Naviance
    • Oct 15    If applying first-round ED/EA, file PROFILE financial aid form, if required by school.
    • If applying for financial aid, FAFSA becomes availale. Required if applying first-round ED or EA in most cases. 
    • Senior College Visit Week-- CA seniors are released to visit campuses. Always check with coaches before planning travel!
    • Take ACT (if advised)
    • Registration deadline for Dec. SAT or Subject Tests (if advised)
    • Nov 1-15   Most first-round Early Decision (ED) or Early Action (EA) deadlines
    • Take SAT or Subject Tests (if advised)
    • Tri I ends; grades sent to colleges with ED & EA
    • Register for Dec. ACT (if advised)
    • Nov 15   Finalize College List with College Office
    • Nov 20    Request transcripts on Naviance for regular decision colleges
    • Final application list due at Thanksgiving break
    • ** Seniors check in regularly throughout the fall to finalize details, review essays, etc.
    • Dec 1  File PROFILE Registration for financial aid for colleges that require it.  
    • Take SAT or Subject Tests (if advised)
    • By first week--FAFSA financial aid forms are usually available by now
    • Take ACT again (if advised)
    • Dec 15    Notification for most Early Decision applicants
    • Dec 16    Make sure all necessary test scores have been sent to colleges
    • Winter Break-- office closed! Students should plan ahead to complete application materials with counselor guidance, and enjoy the break.
    • Jan 1-15    Traditional Deadlines for many college applications
    • Office supplies Mid-Year Reports for early applications
    • Feb 1-15    Most financial aid forms (FAFSA; PROFILE if required) due at colleges this month for Regular Decision applications.
    • End of second trimester -- transcripts sent to colleges 
    • Apr 1-15    Traditional college reply dates (many will reply in late March)
    • May 1    Traditional acceptance/deposit due date (to only one college!)

Naviance Family Connection

Naviance is a web tool our Upper School students use to maintain a résumé of activities, research opportunities, coordinate application materials, take online test prep courses, and share information with their college counselor. CA Upper School students create Naviance accounts in ninth grade. US Parents will receive log-in information in January of their student's junior year.

If you misplace your user ID or password, just let us know!
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