Physical Education

Lower School

Activities that focus on body awareness are crucial to children’s development, can affect motor skills that are needed for everything from participating in playground activities to knowing how to hold a writing instrument, and are important precursors to all learning. Therefore, as part of an inclusive introduction to physical education and sports, the CA curriculum includes the scientific study of human movement, or Kinesiology. Students learn how the human body is unique, and acquire a better understanding of how muscles, bones, and even the brain work together to help humans move – both in everyday activities and in athletics.

Middle School

In Middle School, in addition to participating in a well-rounded fitness and sports curriculum, CA students have the option of adding interscholastic athletics in a variety of sports against other schools. Supported by quality coaching and instruction, competitive options include boys and girls soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, baseball, girls volleyball, girls field hockey, and boys and girls basketball. All athletic options are appropriate, fun, and beneficial to both advanced and novice athletes. We find that there are positive social effects from students participating on competitive teams as early as sixth grade.

Upper School

Student-athletes continue to engage in curriculum-based and, if desired, highly competitive inter-scholastic athletic activities in CA’s Upper School. Goals for all students include, but are not limited to, maintaining optimal fitness, building self-confidence, learning responsibility and collaboration, enhancing leadership, improving athletic skills, mastering sport-specific skills, appreciating perseverance, and demonstrating good sportsmanship. 

Students in the Upper School have a wide range of choices, with offerings in competitive and noncompetitive activities. The CHSAA- sanctioned competitive sport offerings include baseball, basketball, cross country, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, and volleyball. Non-competitive and non-CHSAA-sanctioned offerings include a variety of conditioning classes, racquetball, rock climbing, student athletic trainer, Ultimate Frisbee and yoga. 

Upper School students are encouraged to play at least one CHSAA- sanctioned team sport. Many Upper School students are three-sport athletes, playing a CA team sport each trimester of the year. We support outside coaching and activities; however, student-athletes may not miss regular CA practices to attend outside CA instruction.

Athletics & PE Staff

List of 10 members.

  • Ms. Charlotte Webb 

    Asst. Athletic Trainer
    Kansas Wesleyan University - BA
    At CA Since: 2016
  • Mr. William Hall 

    Director of Athletics
    Denison University - BA
    University of New Hampshire - MA
    At CA Since: 2011
  • Ms. Elizabeth Drazdowski 

    Middle School Athletic Director
    University of North Carolina - BA
    Chaminade University - MA
    At CA Since: 2017
  • Ms. Beth Folsom 

    LS & MS PE, Coach
    Northeast Missouri State University - BS
    University of Northern Colorado - MA
    At CA Since: 1999
  • Dr. Richard Griswold 

    Athletic Trainer
    Colorado State University - BS
    University of Arizona - MS
    Walden University - PhD
    At CA Since: 2007
  • Mr. Jonathan Hill 

    Metropolitan State University of Denver - BA
    At CA Since: 2016
  • Mr. Dan Pratt 

    PE Instructor
    Syracuse University - BA
    At CA Since: 2011
  • Ms. Marcia Richards 

    LS & MS PE, Coach
    University of Arizona - BS
    University of Louisiana - MS
    At CA Since: 1996
  • Mr. Sean Stedeford 

    LS & MS PE, Coach
    Metropolitan State College of Denver - BA
    At CA Since: 2008
  • Mr. Robert Ulrich 

    Director of Physical Education, LS & MS PE, Coach
    Colorado State University - BS
    University of Northern Colorado - MA
    At CA Since: 1989

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