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  • Class of 1946

    Col (Ret) David R Hughes had some school memories to share of the times before Chuck Froelicher turned a ‘failing military school” into the school that has become the highly successful Colorado Academy of today. Dave is now 86 years of age, the only living Distinguished West Point Graduate in Colorado. He says, “So CMS maybe failed as a military school, but it did not fail its graduates while it existed.”
    Dave attended CMS from 1940 to 1946, and recalls some of the teachers who made possible his admission to West Point: Principal and English teacher Ramona Curtis, who taught him writing and the “power and beauty of literature”; Capt. Roberts (who had a wooden leg) that taught him chemistry; Lt. Mars, a Harvard graduate, who taught him math; and Capt. Slaby, who taught him “military discipline, how to live in the field and properly fire a rifle.” He says these teachers didn’t “fail me, or my seven classmates who graduated in 1946.”
    Col Hughes went straight from West Point into the Korean War in 1950, and he credits the USMA’s “education and inculcation of the values of Duty, Honor, Country” for his success as a junior officer commanding soldiers in that conflict. He earned many combat awards and also used his literary talents to write stories describing “the human side” of the war, which were published nationally.
    In 2004, after a 27-year military career, Hughes became only the ninth retired Army Colonel to be named a Distinguished West Point Graduate.
  • Class of 1950

    Rike Wootten’s grandson, Spencer Wootten, is a new 8th grade student at CA.
  • Class of 1953

    Jack Jones (L) and Tom Chestor, both from the Class of 1953, spoke on Veterans Day to students in Jan Eckersley’s 4th grade class.
  • Class of 1960

    Garry Mitchell attended the Gridiron Dinner in Washington, DC in March 2015. He reports,
    “Papparazzi zoomed in on Time Inc. Chief Content Officer, Norman Pearlstine, and an unidentified guest at the 130th Gridiron Dinner, held at Washington DC’s Marriott Renaissance Hotel, featuring appearances by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Highlight of the evening was President Barack Obama’s ‘fireside chat.’”
    PHOTO: Garry Mitchell with his partner, Patsy Helmetag, daughter, Stacey ’85, her husband, Martin Lackovic, their son, Jack Collins Mitchell, and the assorted dogs of both families.

    Gary Wilkinson was elected mayor of Oxford, Iowa on November 5, 2013 and took office on January 1, 2014. Gary’s town is famous for The Oxford Project featured in Smithsonian Magazine, ABC News and CNN. In 1984, Peter Feldstein, professor emeritus of art at the University of Iowa (UI) set out to photograph everyone in the town. He returned 20 years later, and with Stephen G. Bloom, professor of journalism at UI, created a multimedia exhibition. A YouTube video of the town can be seen on the site under “The Oxford Project.” Gary reports, “It’s a great place to live.”
  • Class of 1961

    Rory Donaldson writes, “I’m really glad to have been one of ‘Chuck's boys.’ CA has loomed large in me over the years and I was really glad to have seen many of your 18-year-old faces once again at (Chuck’s Memorial). Thanks Chuck.” Rory is still living in Denver with Louisa. “All three boys have fully launched. I still can’t quite believe I have been so blessed for so many years; working with a bunch of teachers to teach kids to succeed with reading, math and study skills; dusting; washing floors; painting walls; reading Howard Zinn... I’m just like you, can hardly catch my breath as these days and weeks rush by. I hope you’re all well and that our paths cross again soon.”

    Kent Drummond is still hiking on a regular basis. His hiking statistics for 2013 are impressive having completed 126 separate hikes covering 692 miles and 198,034 feet elevation.

    Cito Fredrickson, his wife and their three continue to do very well. Cito continue to work two jobs. He bought a seasonal hotel in Williams, AZ ten years ago and is starting his 20th year as a flight attendant. Cito says, “I am saddened by our collective loss of Chuck (Froelicher), our friend and mentor. A couple of years ago I was able to attend our 50th Class Reunion. I can tell you how pleased I was that this collection of late 60 year olds was all still gainfully employed. It is important to be productive. Our group was, and is, nothing exceptional except we were some of the early classes under Chuck’s vision. If you are reading this, you have been influenced by him as well.”

  • Class of 1964

    Peter Wien looks forward to the BIG reunion in May and has uncovered memorabilia preserved by his mother. He continues to volunteer at the Gabriel Foundation helping exotic birds by dumpster diving at food stores to retrieve their throw-away veggies that are perfect food for the caged, rehabbing, and exotic birds. Peter has also recently begun working with the 4Aspects Skills for Success Servant Leadership program in partnership with the Impact Empowerment Group, in the area of youth leadership development, gang prevention, character building and work-force readiness (professional soft skills).

    PHOTO: CA alumni taken on a cold day in Idaho, L to R: Allen Cranmer ’68, Matt Wells and Ted Ragsdale, both Class of 1964.
  • Class of 1965

    David Abbott is the recipient of the 2015 Ben H. Parker Memorial Medal, the oldest and most distinguished award granted by the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG). The Parker Memorial Medal is awarded to individuals who have long records of distinguished and outstanding service to the profession. David is best known for his Professional Ethics & Practices column in AIPG’s The Professional Geologist that he has been compiling since 1995. Mineral resource and mineral reserve classification systems and their application to real deposits have been at the heart of much of David’s professional career. In addition to his AIPG activities over the years, David has contributed to a number of other US and international professional organizations.

    Tom Wynbrandt (aka Tom Marcus) responded to the CA Alumni Association post on Facebook on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Dr. Tom Fitzgerald was the president’s cousin.
    I remember about the time I met JFK. It was a combination of luck and living in Miami Beach. Perhaps a bit of chutzpah as well.
    A man from the Young Dems spoke to our civics class one morning. He told us that “grass roots involvement,” as exemplified by the Young Democrats, was the heart of our political system. To illustrate the importance of his organization, he noted that President Kennedy would address its convention the next morning at the Deauville hotel.
    “TV civics” might be a confusing label. It was new then; by now it’s likely obsolete. The entire ninth grade -- some 400 kids -- was herded into the school auditorium. Big television sets sat on rolling towers throughout the room. The TV lecture, about 25 minutes’ worth, went to students all over Dade County. After the TV portion, our on-site teacher would reprise the information and try to get a discussion going.
    I thought it would be cool to see JFK. I went to the teacher in charge of the school newspaper and told her I’d like to cover the speech. Although I wasn’t on the staff, she said that if I could get myself invited, she’d sign me out of school for a few hours -- a worthy goal in itself. I called the Young Democrat who’d spoken at our school and he set it up. I also arranged a pass for an “assistant,” a role I assigned to my younger sister, Donna.
    I knew the fancy Deauville well. It was about a mile from where I lived, and I’d checked it out many times. I often walked up the beach, wandering from hotel to hotel, comparing the pools and cabanas and evaluating the concourse shops.
    The next morning Donna and I took the bus to the Deauville. There were perhaps 100 people in the Napoleon Room. They faced a small stage with a lectern and a dais. My sister and I grabbed seats in the front row. People smiled at us. We were both in junior high, a good deal younger than anyone else, and we looked about eleven.
    Kennedy arrived through a service entrance at the front of the room and got right to work. “How can the United States maintain its strength, maintain the peace, maintain full employment, improve the life of our people, spread its influence around the world, strengthen the cause of freedom, survive, endure, and prevail?” he asked.
    From fifteen feet away, I was mesmerized. When the president finished his remarks and people stood to applaud, I was seized by a sudden idea. I led Donna past the audience and into the hallway he’d entered from.
    We stopped by a freight elevator. Now, down the same corridor walked JFK, trailed by security. Everyone seemed surprised to see us.
    “Mr. President,” I began, extending my hand. The president shook it. “Hello, young man,” he said. I introduced Donna and myself. I gave my credentials — I was on assignment for the Nautilus Green and Gold.
    “Mr. President, in our school we’re doing a play on Americanism. I wonder what you think of the idea.”
    “That’s wonderful,” he said. That’s how I remember it, anyway.

    PHOTO: Tom Wynbrandt with JFK.
  • Class of 1966

    Tim Lappen continues to write for Haute Living ( about high-end cars. Most recently, Bugatti flew Tim to France where he test drove two different Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse models both on the street and on a track. At $2,800,000 each, Tim reports the experience was amazing and a real treat.
  • Class of 1967

    Jack Leebron writes, “I keep waiting to put something in class news that would be exciting. Nobody cares about new grand kids, although we have another little girl due in April. I noticed that we are coming up on our 50th reunion in just three years. That doesn’t seem possible, but I did want to put out the word that it would be really a good thing to get as many of us together as possible. Surely three years is a long enough period to put something on a calendar that can stay there. I keep plugging away and getting back into the mountains when I can. In the meantime, I can’t wait to get back to campus to see all the changes. That is always a happy moment that has a bit of sadness around the edges. Hope you are well and enjoying a good winter. Greetings from the snowy NJ/NY land. What a winter!”

    PHOTO: Jack Leebron ’67 on Imogene Pass between Ouray and Telluride

    Rob Burns reports he’s left the tranquil retirement life and has joined a German commercial real estate entity known as FMS-SG as Head CRE US. The firm is tasked with winding down failed banks’ assets on behalf of the German government and its taxpayer bailout funds. Rob is enjoying working with his counterparts and the Board based in Munich and has hired a team of specialists to manage the US assets. This assignment may last only one or two years, but it has proved to be challenging and professionally rewarding. Rob and his wife Virginia are enjoying granddaughters who were born two weeks apart. Son Campbell, and his wife Cari are the proud parents of Charlotte Ray Burns and oldest daughter Kateri is enjoying baby girl Sofia Lombardo. Rob says, “Having fond memories of my children at this age, I am a very proud and blessed grandfather now looking forward to totally spoiling my granddaughters.” Rob’s son, Mac, is now living in San Francisco and working as a technical sales representative for an electric bus company and daughter Annie is busy with her commercial film and TV line production career in NYC with a total of 95 productions completed in two years. Bob and Virginia continue vacations in Vail at least twice a year.

    Campbell Dalglish has a new film project, STATELESS. As the director/producer of STATELESS, Campbell uses no script but rather enlists a young diverse cast and crew “to explore identity in the multicultural environment of New York City where all individuals are challenged daily to connect with their opposites. What emerges is a story rich with character, mystery and intrigue.” To complete the project, they are using Indiegogo to crowd fund. For the past twenty years, Campbell has, according to his website, created films through improvisations in prisons, juvenile delinquent centers, homeless shelters and “Indian country.” He is the founding Director of D’Arc Productions and is currently a tenured professor of film at City College of New York where he teaches screenwriting, directing and documentary.

  • Class of 1968

    Bob Rosenberg plans on celebrating his 65th birthday by visiting the Hong Kong Disneyland and then running The Great Wall Half Marathon in Beijing.
    Jeff Baker and his wife Kim have been very busy enjoying their new role as grandpa and grandma. Both of their daughters, Lauren and Kelly, gave birth to beautiful girls, Taylor and Hannah. Jeff writes, “We're very blessed. This is a very joyous time.” Jeff also reports that after years of various sports and spills, he received a new hip in April. He hopes to be back in the bike saddle soon.

    Bob Rosenberg plans on celebrating his 65th birthday by visiting the Hong Kong Disneyland and then running The Great Wall Half Marathon in Beijing.
  • Class of 1969

    Steve Gordon left his position at Community Health Center over the issue of a dysfunctional electronic medical record. In January he wrote from Nome, AK on the shore of the Bering Sea. Steve is working for the Norton Sound Health Corporation. The population is about 50% Native Alaskan.
  • Class of 1970

    David Mueller ’70 meets CA’s Director of Fine and Performing Arts, Angel Vigil, on Grad School Night.
  • Class of 1971

    Chris Daniels and the Kings with Freddi Gowdy released a new blues album in March, “Funky to the Bone.” The kick-off party was on Valentine’s Day at Herman’s Hideaway where Chris played to a sold out crowd. Not only is the record available on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon but a vinyl format came out in April. For more go to
    Peter Theodore, another musician and band leader from the Class of 1971, invites you to visit his website: Peter and his bands perform primarily in NY, NJ and the Hudson Valley.
  • Class of 1974

    Tee Cowperthwaite writes that he and his wife, Brenda Stockdale, and their blended family are well. Their eldest is dancing in NYC. Three in the middle are all in college (NYC, San Antonio & Boulder) and the youngest is a junior at East High School. Tee and Brenda have a half-time practice at empty-nesting, which he says couldn't be weirder after 22 years. “I haven’t seen classmates, other than Jeff Kleiner, since our rather wonderful whatever-the-number-was (40th) reunion last May. A big shout-out to everyone who was there and those who couldn’t join us. Next time!”
  • Class of 1975

    Hugh Alexander completed his nineteenth year teaching Illustration at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Lakewood. Hugh was awarded the honor of Faculty of the Year, as chosen by students and his peers, for the third time in the last eight years. Hugh sayshe loves teaching and helping college students obtain their goals.

    Linc Jackson, wife and son moved to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam on August 1, 2013. Son Cable is in ninth grade and busy with classes, school plays and Varsity Basketball. As part of a select school group, he went to Beijing to a conference and had time to stand on the Great Wall of China. Wife Casey is the College Counselor at an international school and currently preparing to compete in a triathlon. Casey also talked Linc into participating. Linc works at another nearby international school where he is the director of technology. He and his family spent the week-long fall break mountain biking and rafting in the mountains of Vietnam. Over Christmas they went on a 10-day tour across the mid-section of Vietnam, traveling from mountain-grown coffee plantations down to the fishing villages on the sea. Linc, Casey and Cable have also taken kite surfing lessons in Mui Ne, Vietnam.
    Randy Stein was elected to the Littleton City Council in the fall of 2013 and is serving a four-year term in District I. Randy hopes to complement his fellow council members’ strengths by using his knowledge and understanding of the development process to intelligently manage growth, maintain a delicate balance between new construction, stable neighborhoods and the city’s incomparable parks and trails system.
  • Class of 1977

    Kurt Frantz ’77 with his wife, Kim, and daughter, Mallory ’09 at the CA Horizons Wind & Dine fund raising event.
  • Class of 1978

    After teaching Kindergarten at CA for 19 years, Kass Hansen Patterson is retiring. Read more about Kass on page 20.

    Abe Simantob has been a practicing civil and geotechnical engineer in Los Angeles over the last 30 years since he got his master’s degree from CU in 1984. He is happily married and has three children.
  • Class of 1980

    Rich Kylberg and Jilliann Parker’s son, Trace Parker Montgomery, graduates from Colorado Academy this year. As Rich writes, “The event brings back memories of my childhood, and while I cherish the school, my thoughts always center on people. Today, I thank Dr. Jon Vogels, Angel Vigil, and others who, under fire, truly care in their souls about youth and our future. Once again, my relationship with CA changes, as Jilliann and I will be left in our empty nest, with full hearts. Having played the part of summer camper, Lower School student, Middle School student, Upper School student, Alumni Association Board Chair, Commencement Speaker, school Trustee (and son of Trustees), and finally parent, I puzzle if there might be a hidden role yet for me to play at CA in the years ahead. Or perhaps, like Trace, I may have finally “graduated.” CA has been with me for practically every step of my life’s journey. I’m humbled to think that the school now travels with Trace.
    Professionally, nearly five years ago I was recruited from the beleaguered radio industry into an international corporate position as the senior executive responsible for Corporate Communications and Global Marketing at Arrow Electronics. I led the initiative to move the corporate headquarters from New York to Colorado, and if you live here you may have heard of this company for the first time. With revenue around $23 billion, Arrow ranks in the Fortune 150. I am blessed to be among a handful of senior executives leading Colorado’s largest company.”

    John Mulvihill and his band Coverado play monthly at Q’s Pub and Grill located at10133 West Chatfield Avenue in Littleton, CO. Check out the band’s Facebook page.

    PHOTO: Left: John Mulvihill on drums.

    Allison Katherine Smith
    Carolyn Smith

    Our beloved friend, aunt, niece, sister and daughter Allison died peacefully on January 15, with her devoted dogCody next to her, in the home she loved in Englewood, Colorado. She was born in Denver on October 19, 1961, the first daughter of H. Preston and Carolyn D. Smith. Sheleaves behind her siblings: Mark ’77 and his wife Karen, Gordon ’79, Gretchen ’84 and her husband, Tim, Julie ’88 and Dave Johnson. “Aunt Allie” treasured the time she spent with her nieces and nephews: Alex, his wife, Tiana and children Tucker, Quincy, Molly and Sam, Chelsea and Matt, Max, Parker, JP, Cassie, Grace and Jack.
    Allie attended the Cherry Creek Schools, Kent Denver and graduated from Colorado Academy in 1980. It was at CA where she began to develop her love for the arts: singing, playing guitar, drawing and painting. She joined the rest of the family in their love of horses,riding at the Arapahoe Hunt and competing in shows locally and around the country. She attended Colorado College for a year and a half before taking wing for Florence, Italy where she studied the art she found everywhere around her and began to draw and paint in her own style. She returned to Connecticut College to complete her BA degree in 1984, and graduated with her alumnae grandmother, mother and aunt there to celebrate with her. Allie continued her education in a Masters Program at the University of Colorado graduating in 1986 with a degree in Counseling Psychology. She soon packed her bags for California where she put her degree to work founding and directing an after-school teen center in Sebastopol, and then working in Marin County connecting teens with volunteer opportunities. Allie later worked for the state of California teaching teachers the skills needed to “mainstream” the handicapped children in their schools. She took vacation time to expand her painting skills, studying with artists in Collieure, France and Taos, NM.
    Allie was warmly enveloped by her family when she moved back to Colorado in 2004. She soon began working for The American Lung Association; helping them sell the value of the state-wide anti-smoking campaign and see it passinto law. Allison's health challenges over many years, including debilitating pain from back surgery, breast cancer and the resulting therapy, required that she retire from the world of work, giving her time now to concentrate on drawing, painting, gardening and barbecuing on her patio with her friends and family. Allie was a consummate fund raiser for the many non-profits she supported including The American Cancer Society and KUVO, a local jazz public radio station. Allison had several artshows,displaying her paintings at the Parker Library, Mt. Vernon Country Club,Pomegranate and in localrestaurants. Allisoncreated an impressive body of work with her post-impressionist style and gained a following of art patrons and friends. Allie was a devoted member of the Spirituals Project Choir, singing and performing with them for the past six years. She enjoyed walking daily with her dog Cody, and spending time with the many children in her life, spreading her joy and teaching them all that she could. Allison's life was full, though short. We miss you Allie; you will live on in our hearts.
    You are invited to join Allie’s family at a celebration of her life on Sunday, May 18, 2014 at Colorado Academy in the Cedar Garden, 2:00 p.m. Bring your singing voice and your guitar!
    Memorial gifts may be made in Allies’s name to Colorado Academy, 3800 S. Pierce St., Denver, CO 80235 or (

    PHOTO: Allison Smith ’80
  • Class of 1981

    Lance Vigil has been living in Doha, Qatar since September 2013, where he is the lead architect for Parsons Transportation Group, working on the fit-out of interiors for the premium lounges at the new Hamad International Airport in Doha. For Lance it’s been a great project, working with a well-known Italian architect Antonio Citterio out of Milan. The extensive project includes 18 lounges in total. Lance finds Doha is an interesting city, smaller than Dubai, but with huge aspirations. He hopes to remain there for a few more years, then back to Denver. While Lance was home very briefly for Christmas, he hopes that, if classmates are in his part of the world, they will get in touch with him.
  • Class of 1983

    Ron Adams has suspended his award-winning series of Via Corsa (Ltd.) Car Lover’s Guide Books and turned his focus to publishing a magazine, Via Corsa, The Car Traveler Magazine. It is an adventure travel magazine for car enthusiasts focused on travels and destination both domestic and abroad and for those readers who want to explore the world in their sports car. The magazine will feature the people, places, events, and drives of topical interest to car enthusiast readers. Find out more on Ron’s website,
    Ron remembers how he developed his love of travel. He was in 8th grade in 1978 and Jim Milavec had just come to CA to teach science. The following summer, 1979, Jim took a group of students to Europe visiting Germany, Yugoslavia and Austria. They made a stop in Vienna where Jim had taught school.

    Clay Johnston
    has been named founding dean of the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin. His new responsibilities will be to lead the new medical school to establish new approaches for research, patient care, teaching, patient care, medical education, and health care delivery. Previously, Clay was the associate vice chancellor of research at the University of California, San Francisco. Specializing in prevention and treatment of stroke, he is a neurologist and has a PhD in epidemiology.
    In Clay’s first remarks as Dean, he stated,
    “I’m interested in creating a medical school that really represents what we want health to be and what we want health education to be in the next century and then making it nimble enough, responsive enough that will keep Austin in the leading edge of health for centuries to come.”
    “This is a tremendous opportunity to know you’re creating world class medical school from bottom up.”

    PHOTO: Dr. Clay Johnston ’83.
    Photo by Shelby Tauber of the Daily Texan staff.
  • Class of 1984

    Ski trip #9 for classmates from 1984 was in Crested Butte. Each year Emma deBoucaud, David Fitzgerald, Ned Harvey and Sam Smith select a different location for their annual skiing adventure in the US. The group might need to reevaluate future destinations as they encountered spring skiing in mid-February. In search of steep, deep dry powder, they might need to venture outside the US next year. Despite the weather conditions, they made the best of it and had a great time catching up.

    David Fitzgerald
    will again find himself at school with his former Upper School Principal, Terry Macaluso. This time, however, he will find himself as a parent in Ms. Macalsuo’s grades 6-12 independent school, Eastside Prepratory School near Seattle where she is the Head of School. David’s daughter, Katie, will enter 6th grade at Eastside in the fall of 2014.
  • Class of 1985

    Stacey Mitchell left the Department of Justice’s Environmental Crimes Section after nearly 16 years and was appointed as Deputy General Counsel at the Environmental Protection Agency. She provides legal advice to key policy makers within the Agency on rule development and litigation. “It’s an exciting time to be part of this agency, and I feel fortunate to be a small part of this administration’s work on environmental issues.”

    Povy Atchison and her family visited Sri Lanka staying with Glenn Grimes and his family who are stationed there.

    PHOTO: 1985 alums, Povy Atchison and Glenn Grimes and their families traveling in Sri Lanks.
  • Class of 1986

    Martha Adams, Senior Producer of the documentary, Girl Rising, spent two days on campus in January 2014 speaking with students in all three divisions and with parents and alumni at an evening screening. Girl Rising is an inspiring story of nine unforgettable girls from across the globe, overcoming nearly impossible odds and striving beyond circumstances to achieve their dreams of education.

    PHOTO: 1986 classmates, Front row, L to R: Kim Foster Hresko, Lisa Schatz Weinstein, Kerri Bay Cole and Brette Pond Scott. Back row, CA teacher Martha Smith, Martha Ostertag Adams, Kim Warner, Kendall LaMontagne Peterson and Daniel Lopez.

    Coming from San Francisco, Chuck Hornbrook and his family (Lisa Edwards and Griffin, 5yrs.) were briefly in Denver over the MLK holiday for a number of events and unexpectedly ran into Kim Foster Hresko and Brette Pond Scott at the National Western Stock Show. Chuck says, “While no deep fried Twinkies were consumed, all their kids enjoyed pony and train rides. Who wouldn’t? Take away from the chance encounter: stay in touch, when in town visit the National Western, and pony rides are a good hit with the 7 and under set. No photos of the trio were taken, as expected. Chuck, Kim and Brette were busy taking pictures of their kids.”

    Daniel Lopez, CA Upper School Spanish Instructor and Coordinator of Global Travel Programs has been invited to join the Board of Directors of SAGE (Study Abroad for Global Education,, a Ft. Collins-based organization. The mission of SAGE is to “Challenge its participants to move beyond their comfort zone, to think more critically about the world and themselves, and to become engaged and responsible global citizens.”

    Glenn Zhou reports that his son, Kevin, continues competitive swimming. Kevin had the privilege of swimming with Ms. Liu Zige, the 2008 Beijing Olympic 100 meter butterfly gold medal winner. Kevin took second place in the 200 IM in Beijing City Swimming Championship.

    PHOTO: Kevin Zhou (middle), son of Glenn Zhou ’86, with 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Liu Zige.
  • Class of 1987

    Taylor “Bill” Erickson, his wife Gayle and twins are well and very busy. Anders and Clancy are thriving at their new high school, Regis Jesuit. Anders continues his passion for lacrosse and ice hockey and Clancy is on the Regis Pome Team. Because of the long commute to the Aurora campus, Taylor and Gayle are again house-hunting for a home closer to school. Taylor is a VP of Technology in the medical device industry. On the side, he’s developing the technology for a social media start-up,
    Shannon Olexa, a former tech executive is following his passion in painting and photography. His work is abstract, yet with form, and has been featured in the Fifth Avenue windows of Lord & Taylor as well as several art magazines. Recently, Shannon shared a New York studio with contemporary artist, Philippe Tsarias, where he gained valuable insight. He currently resides in Atlanta and where he had a show at the GE Lofts, Epic Open House.

    Che Prasad is recording a musical tribute to JAWS with his sea shanty band The Shark Alley Hobos.
  • Class of 1988

    Jeremy Shamos plays Craig Kettleman, a county treasurer accused of embezzling $1.6 million, in the AMC original series “Better Call Saul,” the prequel to “Breaking Bad.” Jeremy also had roles in the 2014 films, Birdman and Magic in the Moonlight.

    Gabriela Cowperthwaite was in Denver on March 6, 2014, speaking as part of a panel discussion about women in nontraditional fields. The event was celebrating International Women’s Day.

    Patrick McKinstry and his wife Angelica Daneowelcomed their first child, Luisa, on August 1, 2013. Luisa will travel to Italyin May for her baptism at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Bricherasio in Angelica’s home town. This is the same church where Patrick and Angelica were married in 2008.

    PHOTO: Patrick McKinstry’s daughter, Luisa, with her mother, Angelica Daneo
  • Class of 1989

    Tor Hillhouse played the lead, Elwood P. Dowd, in Denver native Mary Chase’s play, HarveyJanuary 27 through February 22, 2015. Alumni attending performances included 1989 alumni Craig Mandel, Tom Kimball, John Burstein and K.K. Harvey ’88, Kerri Bay Cole ’86 and Patrick Neely ’89.
    Peter Stout, his wife Robyn Russell Stout ’88 and their three sons moved to Houston, TX where Peter is now the COO of Houston Forensic Science Center. Peter previously served as the Director of Operations and a senior research forensic scientist in North Carolina’s independent nonprofit research institute, the Center for Forensic Sciences at RTI International.
  • Class of 1990

    Carl Kumpe continues his career as an intellectual property attorney in Germany. Carl, Corrina and their two children, Sawyer and Cézanne enjoy exploring Europe. Carl looks forward to seeing classmates at his 25th reunion.

    Jane Sinclair Petersen
    will be moving this summer with her family to Spokane, WA. Her husband Brian and his extended family are there. Brian has taken a job with Inland Imaging and Jane will hopefully continue working part time for the Veterans Administration, caring for US vets. Jane admits, “After 28 years in Colorado, it is time for a change! Our girls Ailie (5) and Lilly (3) are looking forward to spending more time with their cousins, but we are all still and will remain, Broncos fans!”

    Michael S. Young and his wife Maria are pleased to announce the birth of their third child on December 18, 2013. Joseph David Young is a joy to his big brother, Michael, and sister, Susanna.

    PHOTO: Michael ’90 and Maria Young with their children, Michael, Susanna and baby Joseph.
  • Class of 1991

    Kelly Sims Gallagher has taken a year-long leave from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University where she is a professor of Energy and Environmental Policy to become a Senior Policy Advisor to President Obama at the White House. Her task was to design the contours of the US-China Climate Change Agreement. Kelly traveled to Beijing with the President’s top advisors, John Holdren, Chief, Office of Science and Technology Policy, and John Podesta, Counselor on Energy Policy.
  • Class of 1992

    Ingrid Hillhouse Moore will leave her position at CA as the Horizons Program Executive Director. She and her family will move to England where Ingrid will pursue a master’s degree.

    PHOTO: Ingrid Hillhouse Moore with auctioneer Tom Kimball ’89 at the Horizon’s Wine & Dine fund raising event.

    PHOTO: Andrew Seaton with his family warming up after ice skating.

  • Class of 1993

    David Kumpe married Bridget McGrath on December 31, 2014. The couple lives in Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe, CA. Together they own Elevated Fitness.

    Amy Livingston Nelsen
    launched a new non-profit in early December with the support of a $1 million anonymous contributor. The goal of the organization is to reduce maternal and infant mortality in the U.S. and abroad.
    PHOTO: Michael and Renee Medina with their children Ofelia and Sofi.

    PHOTO: Liz Buckingham Oertel  meets CA Upper School teacher Elissa Wolf-Tinsman at the Horizons Wine & Dine.

    Jason Beattie, currently a 4th and 5th grade teacher at Gust Elementary School in Denver Public Schools, came to the teaching profession by way of the Stanley British Primary School Teacher Preparation Program. The program directly paired Jason with mentor, Jim “Skeeter” Westerberg ’87 because they both had similar backgrounds prior to teaching and were both CA alumni. Jim had gone through the same program a number of years before.

    For Jason the experience was invaluable. “I learn best by observing then doing, and with him as my mentor I was able to just that, closely observing Jim’s classroom teaching, then under his guidance, getting up in front of the students and leading the class myself.” Not only did Jason learn plenty of classroom best practices and management skills from Jim, but through their time together, Jim also taught Jason invaluable strategies to help him juggle the crazy
    workload of an elementary school teacher. Jason’s experience was so positive he would certainly consider being a mentor to another teacher. “I would love to be able to provide the same kind of guidance to a teacher just starting out, in the same way I received so much support.”
    The role of mentor for Jim was equally fulfilling, “It was fun having Jason as an intern. It was a unique experience in that we had a shared background. We constantly found ourselves comparing notes on our experiences at CA and how they helped to shape our views on education.”

    For Jason, it would be impossible to list all of the faculty who influenced him throughout his CA career, however, a few stand out. “Barry Simmons taught me it wasn't just about learning the content, but learning HOW to think. John Suter got me interested in history. And Angel Vigil and Billy Bair, whose work is in the theater, helped me build the level of self-confidence and creativity I still have today.”

    Jason looks back on his time at CA and realizes how influential it was to his career choice. “CA got me interested in so many different subjects as well as developed my love of life-long learning. I think that elementary school teaching allows me to express my creativity, as well as pass along the joy of learning to another generation of students.”

    PHOTO:  Jason Beattie
  • Class of 1994

    Colin Gumm spoke to fourth and fifth grade students on Veterans Day, November 11, 2014.

    PHOTO: Colin Gumm ’94 visits with 5th grade students.
  • Class of 1995

    John Beich is currently the Director of Middle School at Stephen Gaynor School in Manhattan, NY, a school for students with language based learning disabilities. There are 330 students in the school which is growing yearly through expansion of the physical space in wonderful new directions. John has been at Gaynor for 11 years and has worked his way up the ladder from a SEIT, assistant teacher, co-teacher, head teacher, co-director and now director. He has also run the afterschool program and summer program for the last eight years. John proposed to his wife, Elif in Vienna and married in the summer of 2015.
    John writes, “I truly value my time at CA as the foundation for my work today. I grew up with learning disabilities and CA had patience with us during some challenging times. I was an extremely happy young person and the culture and community of CA was a huge contributing factor to my positive feelings. My closest friends are CA alumni and I stay in touch with two wonderful members of your current teaching community Matt Olmstead and Liston Hills.”

    Mike DiMaria
    finished his pediatric cardiology fellowships and joined the faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine as an assistant professor. In addition he works at Children’s Hospital as a cardiologist. Mike’s wife, Kim, is a nurse practitioner and also works at Children’s in the pediatric ICU. They are traveling a lot and enjoying being home in Colorado and close to family.
  • Class of 1996

    Jessica Newman Brown is living in San Francisco with her husband Edward Brown, who is a general counsel for a technology company, and her two sons, August Harding Brown, 3 years, and Parker Newman Brown, 9 months. Parker was born on May 22, 2014. August attends preschool at the Cow Hollow School in the Presidio. Jessica recently created an app called findable app, available on iTunes or It’s a location-based app which allows groups to meet up and chat easily! Jessica writes, “We are loving life in San Francisco and all that the Bay Area has to offer, particularly the beaches, hiking and wine country. But we still travel very frequently to Colorado to see our family!”

    On April 12 the Colorado Children’s Chorale performed a six movement composition written by Adam Overett and another Chorale alumnus, Aron Accurso. The piece was commissioned by the Children’s Chorale in honor of their 40th Anniversary. The composers wrote about the goals of their work saying, “We wanted to explore themes we find really resonant and moving about the Chorale, especially at the moment of this anniversary, such as: being a child with an exciting future before you; facing challenges, learning and growing; building foundations that last a lifetime; being part of a community and growing into someone who can pass on the lessons that you’ve learned; and giving thanks to parent and teachers that helped guide us. And, though we didn’t want to confine the piece to this one time and place (“Happy 40th Birthday CCC!), we did want to root it in a way that makes it feel like it belongs to the Chorale. After exploring many possibilities, we found ourselves drawn to quintessential images of Colorado – mountains and other natural imagery – and we created these five pieces (one for each choir, and a tutti finale) that presents our themes through the lens of nature.” Adam also provided voices in the Disney movie, Frozen.

    Brian Parks, one of the founders, along with Grant Turner and Brad Connor, of Students H.O.P.E. attended the 2013 event on the CA campus marking the 20th anniversary of this student-run philanthropy. Brian said, “It is amazing to see this little community service project that a group of us started 20 years ago has grown into such and amazing event. It is incredible to think about all the families that have benefited from the generosity of the CA community. I say congratulations and here's to another 20 years!!!”

    PHOTO: Brian Parks (center) with H.O.P.E. co-chairs, Tazio Heller ’14 and Sophie Fox ’14.
  • Class of 1997

    Jenni Hohensee Skeen and her husband Ben ’99 welcomed their daughter, Imogene Harriet “Bootsy” Skeen on October 25, 2014. Imogene’s godfather is good family friend, Roger Burleigh. Ben still works as a bankruptcy attorney at the family law firm, Skeen & Skeen, PC. Jenni continues as a floral and wedding designer at The Perfect Petal in Denver. Her work has been published in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot Magazine and Style Me Pretty. They live in Park Hill.

    PHOTO: Dan ’97 and Jenn ’95 Zinn attended the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey.

    PHOTO: Kendall Dennis Slutzky
    ’97 and Kelly Young ’98 at the Alumni Skating Party.

    PHOTO: Retired math teacher, Richard Kelly, thanks Jenni Hohensee Skeen ’97, for showing him how to arrange flowers on Grad School Night.
  • Class of 1998

    Dominique Cook Rycroft and her husband Mark were featured in Historic Denver News for their renovation of the Broadway Plaza Motel at 11th and Broadway. With brother-in-law and partner Jon Cook Jr. ’04, the mid-century building was converted into mixed-use commercial space. The newly restored building, The MetLo, has occupied 30 units.

    Kelly Young married Dan Campbell on October 18, 2014 at the Sonnenalp in Vail, CO. It was a beautiful fall day and Kelly and Dan were surrounded by friends and family, including three friends Kelly has known since kindergarten at CA, Becky Karlin Davidson, Tyler Richardson, and Court Haas. Dan and Kelly met while they were both getting their MBAs at University of Colorado – Boulder. Before that Kelly received her LLM in Tax from DU and had worked locally for several years. Kelly and Dan are enjoying their lives as a married couple at their home in Denver and will honeymoon in Italy during the month of May.

    Anne Maillard Mitchell with her son Quentin on the ice at the DCC.
  • Class of 1999

    Ben Skeen and his wife, Jenni Hohensee Skeen, welcomed their daughter, Imogene Harriet “Bootsy” Skeen on October 25, 2014. Imogene’s godfather is good family friend, Roger Burleigh. Ben still works as a bankruptcy attorney at the family law firm, Skeen & Skeen, PC. Jenni continues as a floral and wedding designer at The Perfect Petal in Denver. Her work has been published in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot Magazine and Style Me Pretty. They live in Park Hill.

    Jill Bible and Phil Jones welcomed a son, Sebastian Henry Jones, on July 14, 2014. Phil recently completed a master’s degree in architecture and is now working at an architecture firm. Jill is getting her PhD in ecology at UC-Davis. The family lives in Petaluma, California and are overjoyed to be parents.
    Aaron Goldhamer announced his candidacy for Colorado State House of Representatives for District 8. Aaron has been involved in local politics for the past several years, and is looking forward to spreading his message of “Justice for All” in advance of the June 2016 primary election.

    Alison Carr Kochenberger and her husband, Jacob, are thrilled with the arrival of their second daughter, Gianna Lucy, born on December 29, 2014. She weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. and was three weeks early. Older sister Lilian Grace turned two years in March. Alison has taken this year off from teaching to stay home with the girls. She writes, “It has been wonderful to be able to spend every day with them and watch them grow and learn new things. I wouldn't trade it for the world.”
    Natalie Newcom Ralston and her husband Toby are delighted to announce the arrival of Harriet Gail Ralston. Hattie was born on November 5, 2014 in Boston, MA. She weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. and was 20.5 in. long. Natalie writes, “We are absolutely in love with her!”

    Andrew Stettner and his wife Sarah are happy to announce the birth of twins, Cooper Morgan andRiley James Stettner born July 21, 2013.

    PHOTO: Riley (L) and Cooper Stettner, twins of Andrew Stettner ’99.

    PHOTO: The holidays brought a mini-reunion of classmates from 1999: Front row, L to R: Chris Robinson and Aaron Goldhamer. Back row, Ginny Robinson, CA Dean Steve Hammer, Phil Jones, Jill Bible, Shane Boris ’00, Patti Kuhn Babin, Matt Babin and Libby Bourke
    For CA alumni Adam Chanzit (screenwriter and producer), Shane Boris ’00 (producer), Alex Harvey (director and producer), Laura Goldhamer ’02 (animation, music producer), some CA connections have never faded. The group had kept up over the years, respecting each other’s work deeply, and wanted to develop a project together. WALDEN, a radical filmic adaptation of the book by Henry David Thoreau, features three interwoven contemporary narratives and animation. A teaser reel was shot in the summer of 2013 all over Colorado (Denver, Left Hand Canyon outside Boulder, Taylor Park, Eleven Mile Canyon and Fort Collins) with plans to shoot the feature this summer or next in Colorado.

    Adam, Alex and Laura all came to CA in upper school from Graland. Shane was a CA ‘Lifer.’ As Adam tells it, “Alex, Laura, and I have been discussing this particular project for several years and developed a concept and story together. We believed Shane would be an integral addition as a creative producer, and he's been involved and indispensable for over a year.”

    These alums are merging their four career paths and coming together in Denver to work on this collaborative project. Adam speaks of the group’s sentiment, “There's rich history for us to draw on both in terms of friendship and Denver roots. There's a built-in trust working with friends, a welcome counterpoint to developing and making projects in the LA-film world. It's great to have both kinds of projects in play simultaneously.”

    PHOTO: On location in Taylor Park, CO, film crew with principals, Alex Harvey ’99 (second from L), Laura Goldhamer ’02, Adam Chanzit ’99 and Shane Boris ’00.
    To get a glimpse of the working relationship forged by two alumni whose CA experience is separated by over two decades is to see the respect built from shared values. Charlie Woolley ’72 is the CEO, owner and founder of St. Charles Town Company (, a Denver-based real estate development company. The company is committed to both historic preservation and dynamic urban environments. It is well known for such projects as the Lowenstein Theatre, the Equitable Building, and Benjamin Moore building. Nick Koncilja ’99 joined the company in 2011 and is currently COO and President of Property Management.

    After graduating from CU-Boulder, Nick Koncilja was the City’s Project Manager for the $500 million Denver Justice Center Project, and subsequently became its Deputy Director. Always knowing he wanted a career in commercial real estate, Nick made a list of firms to contact and started networking. St. Charles Town Company was on the list. The day before he was to interview with Charlie, Nick accepted a position with Urban Villages, Inc., a nation-wide firm that specializes in high-density urban communities. After four years with Urban Villages, Nick was the Denver Vice President of Operations and Development.

    Nick’s next chapter took the shape of a new venture, focusing on the Ghost Building owned by his mother, Frances Koncilja. During that time, Nick sought Charlie’s advice on a variety of issues. The two collaborated on the sale of the Ghost Building to Wynkoop Holdings, Inc. Taking six months off to travel, run a marathon and evaluate what new direction he wanted to take, Nick stayed in touch with Charlie. Then in December of 2011, the two CA grads teamed up when Nick joined St. Charles Town Company, a match seven years in the making. With Nick’s help managing clients’ real estate management, leasing and construction, St. Charles expects 2014 revenue to hopes to increase revenues exponentially.

    What are the lessoned learned together? “The true value of a relationship” and “the value to the community.” And the lessons learned from CA? For Charlie, it is the tolerance and acceptance of diversity forged in a K-12 school. One learns to be supportive and how to interact with a diverse group of people. The outdoor activities from Mountain Rescue to kayaking instilled a sense of independence and resilience. And, Charlie will never forget teacher and task master A.J. Musil.

    Nick: “I received a better education at CA than at any other school I attended. I learned critical thinking and writing with Suzanne Plaut and Jim Blanas. The week Liston Hills ’95 taught in Ms. Plaut’s class made a lasting impact on me.”

    From Liston Hills ’95: “When I was home from college for winter break one year, I did some student teaching with Suzanne Plaut. Nick was in one of her US English classes. It was one of the experiences that made me decide to be a teacher. I have crossed paths once or twice with Nick over the years, and we have talked about that week.”

    PHOTO: Nick Koncilja and Charlie Woolley ’72 at the Brown Palace, across the street from the St. Charles Town Company Headquarters.
  • Class of 2000

    Kyle Boelte visited with Upper School students in the Coming of Age classes, Middle East electives, and Tragedy electives in February to discuss his memoir, The Beautiful Unseen, which examines fading memory, his brother’s abrupt death, and San Francisco’s fog. “One of the things I’m trying to do,” says Kyle, “is to collage, like in fine arts, with multiple different pieces into the book, imagining a life through those papers.”
    Holly Ruderman Dichter is now the Executive Director of The Challenge Foundation. Holly’s daughters, Maya turned 1 in December and Kamryn turned 3 in January.

    Abbi Hills has found a way to stay involved with sports through her work. Deloitte, Abbi’s employer, has been advising the U.S. Paralympics. With the assistance of colleagues, she helped 25 sports clubs across the U.S. with grant management and strategic planning. One organization Abbi is passionate about is the National Sports Center in Denver. Through a future leaders group she created, Abbi is hoping to attract new volunteers to the organization.

    Julia Jackson and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) are leading the way in healthcare innovation. As part of the Healthcare Transformation Lab (HTL), Julia hopes to advance care and increase efficiency while reducing costs and improving the patient experience. “Today, we use smartphones for everything from making restaurant reservations to depositing checks and tracking packages,” says Julia, who received her MBA from Simmons College in Boston and is the managing director of the HTL. “We want to use digital technology to bring the same convenience to healthcare.” To that end, HTL hosted a challenge among health professionals to identify inefficiencies they encounter daily and to propose solutions. Six proposals, all involving technology to some degree, were given grants of $10-25,000. Julia’s work is to ensure success of the projects by pairing teams of experts with each grant winner and providing peer help in implementation. “Unlike other grant competitions, the HTL did not just write a check to grantees,” explains Julia. “We’re actively involved through project management support in making sure these grants achieve their intended goals.”

    Helen Phillips and her husband Adam Thompson had an extra thankful Thanksgiving due to the birth of their son, Neal Phillips Thompson, on November 27, 2014. Neal was welcomed by big sister Ruth who will be three years in June 2015. Helen hopes to catch up with some CA alums at launch events in Denver, New York, and San Francisco for her novel The Beautiful Bureaucrat. The book is scheduled to be available on August 11, 2015. Preceding that, Helen was a writer-in-residence at CA in April 2015.
    Julia Richman was married in the fall of 2014 to Philip Wheaton, a 1997 graduate of Saint Paul’s School. More than a dozen CA folks were in attendance from classes of 1995 to 2004. The couple married in Crested Butte. Julia and Philip met in Denver although they both attended Dartmouth together but never met at college.  CA friends of Julia Richman at her marriage to Philip Wheaton, front row, L to R: Annie Richman ’04, Lulu Bael Gephart ’99, Maggie Lea ’00, Emily Dubin ’00, David May ’00, Emily Leary Smith who taught at CA, Sarah Bael Anderson ’95, Lauren Richman ’97, Julia and Philip, Aaron Richman ’02, Kathryn Schutz Hansen ’00, Sara Shamos Yelpalla ’00 and Shane Boris ’00.

    In November, Eli Saslow, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist with the Washington Post, was a guest speaker at the University of Denver’s Bridges to the Future series. With Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, Post Managing Editor, they discussed, “Smart Publishing: Newspapers Learn to Adapt and Coexist in the Digital Age.

    Tess Vigil continues to teach sewing lessons and design and sell dresses in RiNo at 50 Dresses by Tess Vigil, and as of late 2014 is enjoying being deeply involved with education again working as a teaching coach for new teachers through Teach For America Colorado.

    Emily Dubin is a successful graphic designer at Chronicle Books in San Francisco (, where she is an art director and designer of books and gift products. Although busy working on approximately 30 titles (an eclectic mix of humor books, cookbooks, art books, stationery, journals, and board games) a year, she feels very lucky to work in a fun, creative environment where “I get to make tangible things for people to enjoy.”

    Emily remembers always being interested in art, both making it and studying it. Some of this could be attributed to the hours she spent in art class painting and drawing with former CA art teacher, Beverly French. Emily believes the work done there laid the groundwork for what she does today. Attending the University of Pennsylvania, Emily received an undergraduate degree in Art History with a minor in Fine Art. She initially thought there would be more job opportunities in the business side of art, so following graduation, Emily worked for a few years in galleries and arts non-profits. She recalls, “I missed being creative and making art, so I went back to school for a degree in graphic design.”

    The amazing coincidence for Emily was that the first time she heard about design as a career was during her sophomore year at CA. Emily vividly remembers, “We were given a list of alums we could shadow for Career Day to learn about a profession.” I saw Graphic Designer Dale Monahan ’84 on the list. I had no idea what that was, but I knew it had something to do with art, so I signed up. Dale was working on packaging for Blue Moon beer the day I shadowed him and I learned about the time and choices that went into branding, typography, illustration, and package design. It seemed fun and creative. Years later, after some twists and turns career-wise, I finally came back to design and it's been the perfect fit for me.”

    As for influences from CA faculty besides Beverly French, Emily recalls, “I really loved my English classes, and Chip Lee's classes especially, were always engaging and thought-provoking. Mr. Lee taught me what can be gained by an informed discussion, and to above all, be curious.”

    Emily’s brother, Jon Dubin ’04, is also a designer in San Francisco and works in interactive design. The siblings frequently turn to each other for feedback on their work and they've even been able to do a few small projects together. Emily says she hasn’t had the chance to mentor or help any CA alums but she'd love to in the future. “It would also be great to teach current CA students about careers in design, and pass on the encouragement Dale gave to me.”

    PHOTO: Emily Dubin

    Ida Broadnax Pennymon and Tess Vigil graduated together in June 2000. Thirteen plus years later, they are both entrepreneurs, connected by their CA experience, and have forged a mutually beneficial working relationship. Both moved from Denver, came home and reconnected via social media.

    Tess started her business, 50 Dresses by Tess Vigil (, almost four years ago. She designs and produces primarily vintage-inspired, yet timeless, women’s wear and custom bridal party dresses. Tess also teaches sewing lessons for budding designers. She loves helping children and adults, create wearable souvenirs while building sewing and design skills. For Tess, working as a solo entrepreneur is challenging, because it requires a strong self-motivated drive, and a great deal of patience and positivity. “Success depends on my ability to think big while effectively organizing day-to-day tasks and creating the structure for my work, then following through with all goals and plans, while remaining flexible enough to change and grow forward, when results aren't exactly as I first imagined.” This, combined with the challenge of getting-the-word-out and staying connected to clients, led Tess to collaborate with Ida.

    Ida’s full-service event management, public relations and branding company,Pennymon Presents (, focuses on “presenting” their clients at their very best through strategic marketing. After years of working for some great companies and doing a little consulting on the side, Ida officially began her company in January 2013, shortly after moving back to Colorado. According to Ida, “Like many startups, getting new clients is always the biggest challenge. You start this new venture under your newly minted fictitious name with so much energy, passion and skill…but with no reputation, which is what many potential clients are looking for. Luckily for us, we picked up some clients right out of the gate and were able to establish ourselves as the client-centric, hard-working and fun-loving company we are.” Ida feels this is just the beginning, for she knows there are so many people and businesses who understand the value of marketing and need public relations and events management services from someone they know and trust.

    During the summer of 2013, Tess and Ida hired Kendall Barnes ’04 to work on social media and marketing for 50 Dresses. Kendall designed the new logo. Tess says, “She was incredibly helpful and creative.”

    Tess and Ida both love fashion, so once they moved back to Denver, the next step to reconnect seemed so natural. As Tess says, “It's awesome to work as an adult with someone who shares common fond CA memories.” For Ida, “I’d been following Tess and her progress with 50 Dresses since its inception. Since I love, love fashion, and think she has some serious skills, it seemed like a perfect fit.”

    Ida worked on brand-building and business promotion with the goal of reaching more retail outlets through 50 Dresses’ monthly newsletter and social media. The two worked together to launch the Fall 2013 line, complete with a strong social media plan and an organized timeline. Both agree that, “One of the coolest things that came out of our collaboration was a promotional video for the Fall 2013 collection.”

    Both feel their collaboration has enhanced their professional and business lives. Tess’s unique style, creativity, and genuine, approachable personality, and Ida’s organization, combined with her practical yet big and bold, ideas make a perfect match. Ida is grateful to reconnect with one of her “most memorable classmates.” And as one of her first clients in Colorado, Tess opened the door for Ida to meet several other people in Denver’s fashion scene. Tess is grateful to have Ida’s professional work ethic with a fun and stylish approach turning her design ideas into reality.

    This business collaboration sprang from a friendship and shared experience at CA. For Tess, “The English classes I took with Anne Strobridge, Chip Lee, and Betsey Coleman were critical in shaping who I am today. I learned to question, understand, analyze, and think for myself - all the essential skills I continue to depend on while navigating our wild world!” CA also encouraged her passion to study arts and humanities, and contribute her own voice and art to the world. Tess felt supported as a creative individual and didn't feel pressured to fit any specific mold. More recently, “CA’s strong and supportive alumni network has helped me grow the sewing and design lessons I offer at my studio. I'm building a roster of future design students, and many connections have been made through CA’s network.” Alli Stamper Perkins ’95 recently invited me to create and host a small children's sewing circle during an open house at her new children's store, Heloise. I'm more and more grateful for the path CA paves every day!”

    Ida remembers many great faculty members, but there were two who really stand out for her, “Mrs. Vogt, my middle school art teacher, and Mr. Hammer, my upper school math teacher. I remember Mr. Hammer pulling me aside one day. He told me that I have to show up if I want to be successful. I always remember his words of encouragement during times when I considered taking short-cuts or procrastinating. Thanks, Mr. Hammer!” CA helped her to foster an independent attitude and ignited her drive for being successful in life. “There were so many ambitious students at CA, which really encouraged me to excel and dream big! I can also say that CA provided the educational foundation I needed as I went on to bigger things. I am happy that I am still connected to the network of CA grads who are each successes in their own right. I look forward to making more connections, both personally and professionally through CA.”

    Ida Broadnax Pennymon ’00 (L) and Tess Vigil ’00 (second from the R) with two models at a vintage-meets-modern fashion show following an advanced screening of Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s at the SIE Film Center. 303 Magazine generously sponsored the event.
  • Class of 2001

    Danny Dodson ’01 and Courtney Pelletier learning floral arranging on Grad School Night.
  • Class of 2002

    Jessie Miller has returned to Colorado after graduating from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, accepting a shelter medicine internship at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley through June 2015. She is currently contemplating pursuing a residency in shelter medicine or beginning a full-time veterinary practice.
    After a couple years of being a firearms instructor at Centennial Gun Club, Brennan Shippert has been hired by the state of Colorado to be a parole officer. He graduates at the end of May from the police academy.

    Natalie Tate was nominated for best Colorado Singer/Songwriter by the Westword Showcase Music Festival. The festival took place in the Golden Triangle on Saturday, June 20, 2015, 12:00 – 10:00 p.m.

    Trier Bryant officially separated from the Air Force in April 2013 and is working at Goldman Sachs in New York City with their Diversity Inclusion and Diversity Recruiting efforts. Trier writes, “It’s amazing to fulfill my passion for diversity at such an incredible firm. I was able to make this transition through their Veterans Integration Program , VIP.” Trier is also involved with the STEM MIT MITES program, a partnership she manages for Goldman Sachs to build out their high school initiatives for students of diversity.

    Steven and Holly Cook were married on June 15, 2013. The wedding took place at the Cherry Hills Village home of Steven’s parents, Jon and Michelle Cook. Jeff Hughes performed at the ceremony. In attendance were siblings, Dominic ’98 and Jon ’04 Cook and Brian Fisher.

    PHOTO: Steven and Holly Cook with Holly’s daughter Ella.

    PHOTO: Jessica Johnson Keegan with husband Mike on the ice at the Skating Party.

    Brian Robinson married Holly Marshall on November 30, 2013 at the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort in Colorado Springs, CO.

    PHOTO: Brian ’02 and Holly Robinson.

    Brendan Ruddy married Christy Soran in Tabernash, CO in October 2013. It was a great celebration with many CA alumni in attendance, including Maggie Ruddy Crane ’00, Elizabeth Ruddy ’04, Chris Bailey, Cory Sylvester, Bryn Sedlacek, Jared Ritvo ’01, Brian Elkins, and Jordan Sedlacek ’05.
    PHOTO: Brendan ’02 and Christy Ruddy on their wedding day.

    Devon Wills made history in December 2016 as the first woman ever to be picked up by a Major League Lacrosse (MLL) team. Devon was invited to attend the New York Lizards’ training camp which began the first weekend of April. At the time of this publishing, the final roster had not been selected. Devon is the assistant women’s lacrosse coach and defensive coordinator at USC and won her second World Cup gold medal in four years as the US Women’s National Team goalie.

    PHOTO: Devon Wills ’02 in goal for the US National Team.
    Photo by John Strohsacker
  • Class of 2003

    Abby Brown married Robert Lodge on May 31, 2014 in Denver. The couple met in San Francisco. Alumnae attending the wedding were 2003 classmates Remy Onstad and Jasmine McGlade and Abby’s sister, Logan ’07.
    Taylor Ross is now practicing dentistry in Las Cruces, New Mexico following his residency for General Dentistry at the University of Colorado Hospital. In addition, Taylor teaches at New Mexico State University as a College Instructor for the Dental Hygiene Program.

    Chad Thurman has joined the Re/Max DTC team as a Broker Associate.

    Claire Nordeen
    is in the Denver Health Emergency Medicine residency program. She reports she’s, “working hard, playing hard, and learning lots!”

    PHOTO: Ben Racine and Bobbie Henderson at the 2014 Super Bowl. Ben is the Senior Premium Seating Executive for the Broncos.
  • Class of 2004

    Adam Bry is making headlines on National Public Radio, in the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, the Washington Post, and many other media outlets with his startup company, Skydio, which creates navigation systems for drones. Skydio was started by Adam and two fellow graduate school engineers at MIT and recently announced it had raised $3 million in seed money for the navigation software they are creating. While working on his masters at MIT, Adam developed autonomously flying vehicles or robotic aircraft. He co-authored a paper titled Rapidly-Exploring Random Belief Trees for Motion Planning Under Uncertainty, which he and his advisor presented at a conference in China.

    Jon Cook, his sister Dominique Cook Rycroft and her husband Mark were featured in Historic Denver News for their renovation of the Broadway Plaza Motel at 11th and Broadway. The mid-century building was converted into mixed-use commercial space. The newly restored building, The MetLo, has occupied 30 units.

    Scott Leger is living in LA and is a producer’s assistant at MTV and a freelancer at Director/Screenwriter. Scott’s final trailer for his latest movie effort, Neither And Both, is now available to view at Scott wrote and directed the film.

    Andrew Bourke
    is the CMO of Tenayo Salsa in NYC which was featured on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. Andrew reports, “Tenayo is growing at a much faster pace than expected and keeping me very busy.”

    Nicolas Stahl married Alexandra Bernardin on August, 2013 in Chicago, IL. Nicolas and Alexandra met at the University of Denver and are currently living in Austin, TX.
    PHOTO: Nicolas ’04 and Alexandra Stahl.
  • Class of 2005

    Stephanie Arnold married Kevin Wetzel on October 18, 2014 at Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen, CA. Stephanie and Kevin both graduated from Santa Clara University in 2009 and live in San Francisco. Many of Stepahnie’s CA classmates attended the wedding including Chris Daviess, Pat Anderson, Kayla Travers, Lauren Friedland, Rachael Greenberg, Cassie Siegel, Annie Lowe, Hallie Racine and sister Elizabeth '01.
    Evan Zeitler graduated from medical school and is in his first year of internal medicine and pediatric residency. On top of his busy medical career, Evan and his wife, Klara, welcomed twin boys to their family. Harry and Sam were born on October 16, 2014.

    Jake Roper
    is currently producing and starring in a hugely popular YouTube series under the name of vsauce3. His most recent video, How Much Does Thor’s Hammer Weigh? Has over 2,300,00 views. Find it at vsauce3.

    PHOTO: Jake Roper ’05 at CA.

    PHOTO: Iain ’02 and Joanna Hyde performed at the Swallow Hill Music Center in January 2014. Joanna is living in Ireland and teaching at the University of Limerick and Iain lives in Denver and is the State Disaster Recovery Manager at Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

    Jordan Sedlacek earned a Masters of Agriculture degree from CSU during the 2009-2010 school year. In 2011 she started a 5-year combined MPH/DVM program at CSU. Jordan will graduate from her Masters of Public Health this spring and is currently in her second year of the vet program. Jordan plans to graduate with her DVM in 2016.
    The Bella Pet Insurance Fund has brought two alumnae and one parent of an alum together to collaborate on a new non-profit. Former CA parent, Patty Potter, mother of Autumn Potter ’02, started a new non-profit in 2013, The Bella Pet Insurance Fund, named after one of her own beloved dogs. The mission is to give more young adults the opportunity to rescue a dog by providing pet insurance. Many young adults are unable to afford the financial risks involved with pet ownership. The fund allows young adults to rescue a dog without worrying about unexpected vet bills over and above routine care. It can save their dog's life.

    Jordan Sedlacek is on the Board of Directors. She is connected to both of Bella’s target audiences: young adult animal lovers and professionals in veterinary medicine and animal rescue. As part of their outreach program, the Bella Fund produced a video. Patty and Jordan didn’t have to look far for the voice to narrate the video, Autumn, a graduate ofNYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Autumn, an actress in NYC, agreed to help. View the video at Through Jordan, Autumn and Patty’s connection to the CA community, the Bella Fund can grow and thrive.

    PHOTO: Jordan Sedlacek ’05 spring break trip with the Rural Area Vets Service of the Humane society of the United States. Jordan and her colleagues provided a spay/neuter clinic on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona.

    Adrian Green
    was named CA’s new Director of Inclusivity. He will begin his new position at CA on July 1, 2014.
  • Class of 2006

    Walker Shaw will begin a three-year anesthesia residency at Emory University in June. He is completing a one-year internal medicine residency at Georgetown University.

    Sarah Robinson
    married Brian Elkins ’02 on October 19, 2013 at the Sanctuary Golf Club in Sedalia, CO. CA alumni attending the ceremony were Sarah’s brother, Brian Robinson '02, Brian’s sister, Jenny Elkins ’99, Aaron Goldhamer ’99, Chris Bailey '02, Brian Fisher '02, Molly Miner '02, Jessie Thalman, Ashley Peterson, Maid of Honor, Sarah Goodyear, Brendan Ruddy ’02, Braden Wagner, Sara Scheible and Bryn Sedlacek ’02. CA violinists played for the wedding ceremony. Sarah first met Brian when she was 9 years old and Brian was 13. They met at CA as her brother was his good friend and classmate. The couple will honeymoon in May traveling to Spain and Portugal.

    PHOTO: Brian and Sarah Elkins on their wedding day.
  • Class of 2007

    James Hills received his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from DU in June 2014. He is currently working at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Jefferson County. James is assigned to the Orion project and is in the department that specializes in stress analysis, which studies fatigue on materials and was his concentration for his masters.

    Colin Patterson completed his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Boston University in January. He continues to enjoy his work at GE Aviation and sails competitively in Boston and abroad.

    Hannah Rasmussen has been accepted into a Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.

    In September 2013 Michelle Sollod, who works for J.P. Morgan Chase, moved from the company’s NYC office to their London office. She works in derivative operations. Michelle is enjoying living and working in the UK.
  • Class of 2008

    Max Shaw completed his certification in Behavioral Analysis in 2014 and continues to enjoy his work with children, particularly those with autism.

    Jackie Koehn
    is earning a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at University of Pennsylvania.  She writes, “I was excited to hear that CA got a 3D printer and workshop space. I use those tools often in prototyping and design.”

    Lorenzo Pardo graduated in December 2013 from the University of Colorado with a degree in finance.

    Peter Wall was selected for the 2014 Downtown Denver Leadership Program sponsored by the Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc. He works for CRL Associates, a governmental relations firm.
  • Class of 2009

    Jordon Loyd produced a series of photos for Rolling Stone on the tour of Dutch superstar DJ Tiësto's Magikal.
    PHOTO: 2009 alumni playing broomball at the CA Alumni Skating Party, L to R: Fergus Moynihan, Gordon Smith ’79, Luke Slattery and Hank Woolley.

    Luke Slattery spoke about writing and editing to students in the Coming of Age classes taught by English teachers Betsey Coleman and Tom Thorpe.

    PHOTO: Luke Slattery
  • Class of 2010

    Cameron Patterson graduated from DU in June 2014 with a degree in business administration. Following graduation he worked for an NGO in Gabon West Arica. In January, Colin joined the Peace Corp in Burkina Faso, Africa for a two year assignment. He is working to help improve the livelihoods of small farmers.

    Daniel Sullivan, of Cirque du Soleil, performed the “Ariel Hoops” at the CA Auction, Run for the Roses, on May 2, 2015. The event was in honor of Angel Vigil, CA’s retiring Director of Fine and Performing Arts. All proceeds from the auction went to the Angel Vigil Endowment for Financial Aid. Daniel credits Angel and the CA Circus Program with introducing him to the word of circus. Daniel is a 2014 graduate of the Cirque du Soleil National Circus School in Montreal, Canada.

    Ana Dodson
    was featured in the February HerLife magazine.  Ana is the founder of Peruvian Hearts, a non-profit which “works to transform the lives of orphans and other children living in poverty in Peru through improved education, nutrition, and health care.”

    PHOTO: Ana Dodson ’10 on the cover of HerLife magazine.

    Patrick Fry is a senior at Susquehanna University where he has played soccer all four years in the Landmark Conference. Patrick spent spring semester in Buenos Aires studying Spanish and International Relations and living with a family. He also got to play soccer Argentinian style.

    Isaac Spear spoke with CA 7th grade students who are part of the Out of the Box course. He is a senior at Kansas State studying biomedical and electrical engineering and will continue with double masters degrees in the same disciplines. Isaac holds several patents and as a sophomore at KSU won a $3.6 million federal government Jobs and Accelerator Challenge grant for research on his prototypes of the Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Isaac’s message to the students, “Ponder the possibilities of what’s possible with innovation and technology.”

    PHOTO: Isaac Spear
    PHOTO: Kaelin Stone with US English Teacher Stuart Mills at the Young Alumni Lunch
  • Class of 2011

    Joel Berdie graduated from Tufts University this spring as a Psychology major and Media/Communication Studies minor. Following graduation he will be leading high school students on outdoor service and back-country trips in Alaska throughout summer 2015. In the fall, Joel will be an English language teacher in Spain or Columbia for the next one to two years before returning to the States and applying to graduate school in clinical psychology.

    For the second year in a row, a CA graduate has elected as the Student Body President at the University of Puget Sound. Paige Maney will succeed Eric Hopfenbeck ’10.

    PHOTO: Paige Maney

    Elsa Woolley
    met her former CA doubles-tennis partner, Ali Hursh ’08, while Elsa was traveling in Istanbul. Elsa is studying abroad in Italy and Ali is teaching at an American School.

    PHOTO: Elsa Woolley and Ali Hursh ’08 met for dinner at an Istanbul restaurant.
  • Class of 2012

    Stanley Hayes spoke in December with CA's computer programming students. Stan is a sophomore at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

    PHOTO: Stanley Hayes

    Alyssa Miller was back on the stage at CA. Performing with the co-ed undergraduate a cappella group from Yale University, Mixed Company, Alyssa performed at a CA All-school Assembly in January 2014.

    PHOTO: Alyssa Miller singing a solo.
  • Class of 2013

    Nick Fahrenkrog interned during the spring semester for the Executive Office of the President inside the White House. His work is with the Council of Environmental Quality. Nick is doing technical work, namely data analysis. Nick wrote to Upper School History teacher Mr. Luis Terrazas, “Since coming to Georgia Tech my dream has been to use data analysis as a tool to advise public policy.”

    Maya Carter
    started a movement at USC which is spreading across the nation and coming to CA. Motivate and Empower (M&E) is tackling the problems of social issues on campus from socioeconomic and gender inequality to apathy among students. Speaking to the USC Daily Trojan, Maya said, “I was shocked to find that there was no medium for a diverse group to come together and share unique ideas with one another.” Her vision for M&E is to bring motivational speakers to facilitate discussions about social issues and then have the participants mentor Los Angeles public school students. CA junior Maggie Wright ’15 will start a chapter of M&E at CA.

    Maeve Moynihan and Jasmine Jans surprised their Kindergarten Buddies, Storm Bearley and Sora Sohn at lunch the Thursday following winter break. Now in first grade, Storm and Sora’s teachers helped with the surprise. Jasmine writes, “It was great to see them and see how their first grade year was going.

    PHOTO: Senior Kindergarten Buddies reunite following winter break, Maeve Moynihan (top left) and Jasmine Jans, with Sora Sohn (bottom left) and Storm Bearley.

    The College Office turned to CA’s youngest alumni for the best advice to CA seniors and juniors. No topic was off limits, from anxiety related to the college-search process, to enjoying senior year and social challenges with the first weeks at college, to time management and academics.

    PHOTO: Young alumni panelists, front row, L to R: Class of 2013 alums Jessica Pardos, Anna Dennis, Jason Blatt, Ethan Black and Emma Grueskin. Back row, L to R: Ulysses Estrada, Bailey Luke, Ian Peterson, Jared Moskowitz and Paige Steadman ’12.
  • Class of 2014

    Robert Wright and Sarah Sibley toiled on opposite sides of the recent U.S. Senate race between Republican Cory Gardner and Democratic incumbent Mark Udall. Wright for Gardner, Sibley for Udall – emerging a bit bruised but stronger, ready to take on new challenges. Each joined the campaign in August. Following the campaign, Robert went to Nepal and Sarah to China. In the fall, they will be heading to George Washington University and Duke University respectively.

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