Why I Teach Videos

The number one reason why families choose Colorado Academy as the school community for their child is our teachers.  Based on that feedback, we asked several of our teachers the essential question, “Why I Teach.”  

Take a few moments to watch these videos to learn directly from our faculty what motivates and inspires them to teach.

Pre-K Director, Mary Karst, on 'Why I Teach'

Kindergarten Teacher, Christine West, on 'Why I Teach'

Third Grade Teacher, Stephanie Stone, on 'Why I Teach'

Fifth Grade Teacher, Buck McKenna, on 'Why I Teach'

Middle School Science Teacher, Sue Counterman, on 'Why I Teach'

Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Adrian Green, on 'Why I Teach'

Upper School English Teacher, Ross Holland, on 'Why I Teach'

Upper School Math Teacher, Paul Augustus, on 'Why I Teach'

Upper School Global Languages Teacher, Meg Hill, on 'Why I Teach'

Head of School, Dr. Mike Davis, on 'Why I Teach'

Lower School Music Teacher, Nora Golden, on 'Why I Teach'

Vocal Music Director, Cindy Jordan, on 'Why I Teach'

Upper School English Teacher and Coach, Ali Kittle, on 'Why I Teach'

Physical Education Teacher and Coach, Sean Stedeford, on 'Why I Teach'

Combo Director and Instrumental Music Instructor, Phil Jones, on 'Why I Teach'

Middle and Upper School Theater Teacher, James Meehan, on 'Why I Teach'

First Grade Teacher, Margit Patterson, on 'Why I Teach'

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