Board of Trustees

The responsibility of the Board is to establish school philosophy and the policy through which that philosophy will be expressed in the school's educational programs.

The Colorado Academy Board of Trustees consists of at least 16 members, and no more than 24 members. It meets approximately five times each year. Trustees hold office for a term of three years and may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms.

The work of the Board is accomplished through standing committees: Executive, Buildings and Grounds, Committee on Trustees, Development, Finance, and Endowment Advisory. Participation in the Board's committee work involves not only Board members but occasionally at-large members of the community and members of the school's administration. The Head of School and the Chair of the Board of Trustees are ex-officio members of all committees.

Board of Trustees

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  • Officers

    Heather Miller

    Vice Chair
    David Jones

    Maribeth Younger
  • Members

    Chris Bittman
    John Burstein '89
    Betsy Crane
    Dickson Griswold
    Leslie Howard
    David Jones '95
    Tom Jorden
    Gary Lutz
    Brooke Bansbach Maloy '90
    Heather Kemper Miller
    Tate McCoy
    Nina Moore
    Tricia Noble
    Liz Oertel
    Karen Onderko
    Craig Ponzio
    Eliza Prall
    Doug Robinson
    Minyoung Sohn
    Gibson Smith
    Rick Stone
    Tim Walsh
    Maribeth Younger
  • Ex Officio Members

    Mike Davis
    Head of School

    Nora Freeman
    Parent Association President

    Alex Barton '97
    Alumni Association President