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Colorado Academy Freshman Intensive

The CA Freshman Intensive is a weeklong, curricular-based program that takes place in the winter term and provides the opportunity to connect a topic in one of the core Freshman courses to deeper, real-world and real-time study.  In the program’s first three years, students used Sonia Nazario’s Enrique’s Journey as a central text for the theme of Immigration. 
Students in Freshman English read this book, which elicits conversation and investigation into a multitude of related topics, including immigration policy, border conflicts, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and refugees. Exploring outside of their regular courses and routines, small groups of students choose either an in-town or out-of-town program that offers a deep dive into the historical issues, larger policy questions, legal implications, and individual stories of people directly affected. The project culminates with shared reports/presentations during the following week.

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