Lovefest Live Auction Packages

Parent Interim for Eight with Dr. Davis

Starting Bid: $10,000

One of CA's signature programs, Interim is designed to offer students experiences that can test and refine their skills as well as strengthen their compassion, commitment, and tenacity—all while having fun! With this package, four couples are invited to join Head of School Dr. Mike Davis for a Parent Interim!

Adventure awaits as you and your friends plan a two-night, three-day outdoor camping trip with the Head of School. If you have never hiked canyons or scaled down mountains, now is your chance with a skilled navigator. Dr. Davis will work with your group to design an outing based on your interests and skill-levels, and he promises to create a memorable getaway.
This will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

This package is for 8 people and includes a three-day, two-night outing with Dr. Mike Davis as your guide. The location of the outing will ideally be reachable in a half-day’s drive from Denver. Timing for the trip is subject to Dr. Davis’s availability, and the date must be mutually agreed upon by all parties. Preference is to complete trip between September 1 and October 31, 2021, and trip must be completed by May 1, 2022. The equipment needed will be determined by what is planned. Participants should expect to cover the cost of any gear and additional jeep rental expenses, as needed. Meal planning will be part of the overall experience planning and should be handled by the participants. All local and state COVID-19 health protocols will be followed.
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