CA College Office Mission Statement

Our Colorado Academy College Office actively partners with students to maximize their success and to discover accessible options for a life beyond CA that best aligns with each student’s personality, goals, aspirations, and learning style – and which bridges meaningfully from their high school experiences.
This partnership requires that students:
  • engage in self-reflection
  • maintain realistic expectations and consider options with an open mind
  • cultivate productive relationships throughout the CA community
  • build an academic record which represents their best effort in an appropriate curriculum
  • conduct sound research
  • listen to and act upon guidance and suggestions from their counselor, and
  • keep track of deadlines and submit paperwork on time
while the College Office:
  • provides guidance, support, counseling and reminders
  • advises students on constructing a balanced college list
  • directs students to sources for research and helps them decipher data
  • gives extensive feedback and guidance in writing strong applications and essays, and
  • provides colleges with required support forms in a timely manner, representing accurately students’ CA records.
The goal of this partnership is not only a satisfactory, appropriateoption for a student’s continued education after graduation from CA,but also an empowering growth experience through which studentspractice application of the lessons of a CA education as they learnindependence and begin the transition into their adult lives.

While choosing a college is certainly one of the more important decisions students will make during high school, it does not determine success and happiness in life. Therefore, we caution students not to be intimidated or overwhelmed by the process. With the right combination of introspection, self-discipline and good humor, the college search should be a rewarding experience.
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