Faculty Advancement

Faculty members begin their careers at Colorado Academy as Instructors and are encouraged to move through three levels of advancement: Senior Instructor, Preceptor, and Master Teacher.
Each advancement level requires intensive evaluation and reflection and carries with it a salary increase. Instructors have earned, minimally, a BA or BS degree and have successfully completed one year of full-time teaching, or an approved internship in teaching, or a graduate program with a substantial practicum.

Important note: If you're a CA teacher looking to begin the process of advancement, prior approval from your division head is required. Please submit requests for Advancement to your Division Head and then to Diane Augustin by July 1 of the upcoming school year.

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  • Senior Instructor

    This is the first level of Faculty Advancement at Colorado Academy. It is an appointment that may be requested by a faculty member who has completed five years of full-time teaching, and who has taught at Colorado Academy for at least three of those years; OR has completed five years of part-time teaching at Colorado Academy.

    The mechanism for evaluation will vary according to one's assignment in the school. The candidate for Senior Instructor exhibits a growing mastery of the standards of teaching excellence in the following areas:
    • Establishing a culture of learning in classroom management;
    • Providing evidence of collaboration and teamwork with colleagues within the grade level, division, and department;
    • Demonstrating professional growth through a professional development plan, steps toward classroom applications, and the pursuit of life-long learning;
    • Demonstrating effective support for and work with parents;
    • Establishing positive relationships with students, with some evidence of continuing study of the cognitive and emotional development of the age cohort taught;
    • Showing the skillful use of professionally-accepted standards of pedagogy;
    • Creating effective assessment tools to measure student learning and progress;
    • Demonstrating knowledge and mastery of subject matter and how to design effective classroom programs;
    • Showing commitment to the full range of school duties, and how the school’s mission relates to one's work.
  • Preceptor

    This is the second level of Faculty Advancement at Colorado Academy. It is an appointment that may be requested by a faculty member who has completed four years of teaching as a Senior Instructor.

    The criteria for evaluation will include those for Senior Instructor, as well as the following:
    • Evidence of continuous professional development in a way that produces classroom creativity, methodological flexibility, and a professionally self-examining perspective about teaching;
    • Evidence of acknowledged excellence in classroom teaching and the assessment of student learning;
    • Inventiveness in program creation and professional contributions to one's department and division;
    • Evidence of effective colleague support, leadership, and mentoring;
    • Professional contributions to the broader purposes of the school’s mission.
  • Master Teacher

    This is the final level of Faculty Advancement at Colorado Academy. It is an appointment that may be requested by a Faculty member who has completed five years of teaching as a Preceptor. In addition, the following criteria must be met:
    • Attainment of a Master's degree or equivalent;
    • Completion of professional course work, other degrees, or Professional Development projects beyond a Master's degree;
    • Completion of 25 years' teaching experience, with 11 years teaching at Colorado Academy;
    • Completion of a self-evaluation essay describing the reasons why the eligible teacher meets the qualifying criteria of Master Teacher.
    Once eligibility as a Master Teacher has been demonstrated, the following qualifying criteria will be assessed to validate the strength and extent of a candidate's professional record at Colorado Academy:
    • Extent and depth of professional development opportunities undertaken by the teacher, and the impact of those upon the nominee's teaching;
    • Evidence over the course of a teaching career of curriculum development activity, classroom applications and innovation, and pedagogical experimentation;
    • Examples of workshops, curriculum projects, or seminars devised for colleagues, or other professional activities that assist the professional growth of other teachers;
    • Recent mentorship examples, either at Colorado Academy or elsewhere, giving evidence that colleagues gain value by association with the nominee, and intention to accept a mentoring position upon receiving Master Teacher designation;
    • Committees served on, or projects undertaken, which advance the mission of the school and indicate leadership among peers, by example and by public expression;
    • Professional associations and professional awards received (indicate degree of participation in the former);
    • Acknowledgment of exceptional teaching skill as determined by peer review and perceived community consensus;
    • Evidence that the nominee exhibits multiple talents that support his or her classroom teaching (e.g., advising, coaching, club sponsorship, arts proficiency, writing workshop, community service);
    • A commitment to understanding child development issues and parent advising as it pertains to a nominee's professional duties;
    • The modeling of the highest school aspirations as described in our Mission Statement and school goals.
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