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SPEAK: Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, "Body Image, Food, and Health"

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Helping Our Kids Avoid Eating Disorders and Live Well in Their Bodies
Families get conflicting messages about nutrition, exercise, and self-care. “Honor your needs/love your body” lives in tension with “avoid weight gain/lose weight/establish good habits while young.” The medical system, social media, and practices among peers can further confuse parents. 

Dr. Jennifer L. Gaudiani is an internal medicine physician and founder of the Gaudiani Clinic. She has specialized in eating disorders for more than a decade, and is the mother of two girls at CA. 

Internationally recognized for lectures, podcasts, peer-reviewed journal articles, and a bestselling 2018 book, Sick Enough: A Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders (Routledge), “Dr. G” is passionate about helping her patients and families build lasting, scientifically sound, joyful relationships with food, movement, and body acceptance.

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