Preparing Students for the Digital Age and Beyond
Colorado Academy’s Technology Program is one of the most innovative and comprehensive in the state. We provide up-to-date equipment, training, and friendly tech support to enable students, staff, and even parents, to succeed in the digital age. Campus-wide technology supports Windows, Apple, and iOS platforms.

Technology in the Classroom

CA’s 1:1 iPad Learning Program enhances our existing curriculum and supports a variety of learning styles, providing portability and an equitable platform for all students. The school piloted the program with intensive faculty training and 1:1 iPads in Grades 5, 6 and 9. The 2019-2020 school year is the seventh year of CA's program. The 1:1 program – one device per student – begins in the Fifth Grade, and encompasses all grades in Middle and Upper schools. Mobile tablet labs are provided for classrooms from Pre-K through Grade 4.  All classrooms are equipped with electronic whiteboards.

CA provides desktop computer labs and innovation labs, and makes developmentally appropriate robotics sets available throughout the school. In addition,  the Lower School Library and the Raether Library have at least 20 computers for student use. In each division, we emphasize the importance of digital citizenship, online safety, and maintaining the ability to “unplug.”

Learning to be Content Contributors

Our Digital Media labs are designed to train students to be creators of content so that they may confidently join the world’s ever-evolving on-line conversation. Our photography department features a state-of-the-art 20-iMac digital photo lab to complement its traditional photo lab facilities, and our 20-iMac digital video lab serves budding cinematographers. We also offer a specialty lab of computers in the Lower School for video production, and a digital music composition lab and full sound studio in the Schotters Music Center.

Technology Staff

Each division’s technology coordinator supports CA students, faculty, and staff by provding just-in-time instruction, one-on-one and group training, and individualized advice and help with their technology projects. In addition, the Raether Librarian offers small-group sessions of iPad support and training.

Teaching with Technology

Classroom teachers use a variety of tools – from laptops, iPads, and document cameras to interactive whiteboards and projectors – to assist them with presentations, pedagogy, and productivity, to access the Internet, to exchange papers with students via the Cloud, and to post homework and class resources on their course web pages. All classrooms in the Lower School have Activboards. and all Middle and Upper School teachers use SMART Boards. CA has been designated as a SMART Showcase school.

Pre-K-12 Computer Science/Engineering & Design

The scope and sequence of Colorado Academy’s technology curriculum is designed to support learning across our entire curriculum, and to develop our students’ ability to acquire, analyze, and generate new information and ideas in the modern world. To this end, CA offers a variety of courses aimed at teaching computer literacy and competency from Pre-K through Grade 12. Our robotics program offers learning opportunities in all three divisions, as well as programming, beginning with Scratch Lab workshops in the Lower School and programming with Greenfoot and Python. CA juniors and seniors may work with advanced algorithms and data structures.

Technology Staff

List of 8 members.

  • Photo of Jared Katzman

    Mr. Jared Katzman 

    Director of Technology; Computer Science Instructor
    University of Delaware - BS
    University of Colorado-Boulder - MEngr
    At CA Since: 2014
  • Photo of Kimberly Jans

    Mrs. Kimberly Jans 

    US Technology Coord, Computer Science Dept. Chair
    Colorado State University - BS
    University of Oregon - MS
    At CA Since: 2001
  • Photo of Bill Witt

    Mr. Bill Witt 

    LS Technology Coordinator
    University of Denver - BS
    University of Colorado at Denver - MA
    At CA Since: 2002
  • Photo of Jennie Kies

    Ms. Jennie Kies 

    Technology Integration & Innovation Specialist
    University of Northern Iowa - BS & BA
    University of Northern Iowa - MA
    At CA Since: 2016
  • Photo of Sean Gallop

    Mr. Sean Gallop 

    US Computer Science/Engineering & Design
    Wesleyan University - BA
    New York University - MS
    Regis University - MEd
    At CA Since: 2017
  • Photo of Allie Bronston

    Ms. Allie Bronston 

    MS Librarian/MS Computer Science/Engineering & Design
    Lewis & Clark College - BA
    University of Denver - MLIS
    At CA Since: 2013
  • Photo of Rory Butler

    Mr. Rory Butler 

    Network Administrator
    Westwood College of Technology - AA
    At CA Since: 1999
  • Photo of Jonathan Ender

    Mr. Jonathan Ender 

    Tech Support & iPad Specialist
    University of Denver - BA
    University of Denver - MA
    At CA Since: 2013

Jared Katzman, Director of Technology

”CA teachers have embraced the iPad to engage their students. As a result, students are better organized and are crafting creative presentations and research projects and learning to be good digital citizens. I am proud that CA is a leader in technology integration among independent schools in Colorado."
Colorado Academy
3800 South Pierce Street
Denver, Colorado 80235

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