REDI—Research, Entrepreneurship, Design and Inquiry—uses self-directed learning to offer students the opportunity to grow as problem solvers who are better prepared for college, careers, and life.
The REDI Lab at CA is a one-trimester “school-within-a-school” experience that inspires creativity, ingenuity, and success. Armed with self awareness and a permission mindset, REDI Lab students design highly personalized projects based on their interests and passions. Along the journey, they experience true-to-life setbacks, resets, and accomplishments that evolve and shape their outcomes.
Intentionally placed in the third trimester of Junior yearas students are beginning to think about what comes after high schoolREDI Lab provides students with the space and time to explore what they’re curious about, conduct deep research, and design and test their ideas. Using principles and concepts taken from industry and the business world, students are given the support and tools to be reflective and practice skills that are necessary for success beyond Colorado Academy.
Past examples of projects are:
  • Exploring craftsmanship through making cowboy hats
  • Working to solve Riemann’s hypothesis
  • Designing a ride-sharing plan for private and corporate jets
  • Writing original short stories and novellas
  • Building furniture
  • Redesigning downtown buildings
  • Creating a design and business plan for a new CA natatorium
  • Making art, music, and other forms of self exploration
REDI Lab is offered at no additional cost to students who apply and are accepted, and all students stay on track for graduation. If you want to know more or get involved, please contact us!

How to Apply

Applications for the 2019-2020 REDI Lab Cohort are closed. Check back here for updates, examples of student work, and exciting news about the program. Applications for the 2020-2021 REDI Lab will open in 2020.

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REDI Lab Faculty

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  • Tom Thorpe

    Director of REDI Lab
    303-986-1501 x2722
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  • Martha Smith

    Upper School Science
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  • Amanda Zranchev

    Upper School Math
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