CA continues diligence to the pandemic

CA continues its attention on the pandemic. This webpage will serve as your resource for CA’s response to COVID-19. Our actions are guided by local, state, and federal public health agencies’ response to current virus activity in the community.

View the latest School Guidance from Jefferson County Public Health (updated August 15, 2022).
CA will continue our layered mitigation approach to reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and will employ a number of recommended measures.

Reporting A Positive Case:

Families needing to report a positive case of COVID-19 for a CA student, please fill out this form. Employees should use this form.

Additional Precautions:
To protect the safety of our community, CA is also:
  • Promoting good hand hygiene
  • Promoting the “How Sick is Too Sick” guidance for staff/students to remain at home when feeling ill
  • Encouraging social distancing among students and staff
  • Maximizing outdoor activities
  • Providing ventilation within buildings and classrooms
  • Providing cleaning/sanitizing and disinfecting measures aligned with public health guidelines
  • Promoting COVID-19 vaccination among students, their families, faculty, and staff
  • Monitoring community transmission, vaccination coverage, and occurrence of outbreaks in the Denver metro area
Student Vaccinations:
Children are eligible for the free COVID-19 vaccine.

If your student has received one or both vaccines, please update their vaccination record in Magnus, our health portal. Adding a copy of your child’s COVID-19 vaccine record is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete three steps:

  1. Take a photo of the vaccination record.
  2. Log in to the Magnus portal on the CA website by clicking on the “Resources” tab.
  3. Upload the image of the vaccination record as part of their “immunization requirement.”
To report an exposure to the school, please email


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