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Experiential Education

“The heart of this program is designed to transform a student’s perception that failure is something to be avoided at all cost, into an opportunity to become a determined and resilient individual.”
     ---Forbes Cone, Director of Experiential Education
Colorado Academy’s Experiential and Outdoor Education Program is designed to offer students experiences that can test and refine their skills, strengthen their compassion, commitment, and tenacity, all while having fun and appreciating the outdoors.

The Outdoor Program:
CA’s Outdoor Program is a hands-on way to learn about enjoyment of and stewardship for our environment. CA offers outdoor trips as part of the curriculum beginning as early as third grade, as well as optional weekend trips for students in Lower, Middle, and Upper schools. Trips have included snowshoeing for younger students, and hiking, rock climbing, fly-fishing, and backcountry skiing for Middle and Upper School students.

Travel & Exchange:
CA offers a variety of foreign travel opportunities and exchange programs starting in fifth grade. Our goal is to nurture dynamic thinkers and active citizens of the world with our exchange programs with schools in Scotland and Argentina, and annual spring and summer travel options that have taken students from China to the Galapagos Islands and from Peru to Iceland.

Each Spring, students in the Middle and Upper divisions participate week-long Interim trips designed to immerse students and faculty in experiences and pursuits that broaden their skills, test their abilities and sharpen the awareness of the world in which they live. Whether they are artistic pursuits, service learning trips or wilderness expeditions throughout the Rocky Mountains, CA alumni often describe this program as one of their favorites.
Experiential Education Catalogues
2013-2014 CA Outdoor Program Calendar
This is the Outdoor Program calendar with descriptions of our trips. Trips open to currently enrolled CA students.

Upper School Interim Catalog
Complete 2013 Upper School Interim choices

Middle School Interim Catalog
Complete 2013 Middle School Interim choices
Global Travel & Exchange Handbook
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