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Intrigued by the science experiments and math projects of our outstanding senior faculty, a CA student takes up his Ph.D. in forensics, while another, equally inspired by his teachers, becomes a scientist at UC Berkeley. A young woman, adept in every class and always close to her teachers, becomes a National Security Council Director under Condoleeza Rice. Loving history at CA, another alumnus begins working on his great grandfather’s World War I personal diary. These pursuits, displaying skill, curiosity, and wonder partially grew out of strengths nurtured by faculty who worked closely with them at CA.

Spend a day on campus, look through a Telesis yearbook or CA Highlights newsletter and the ease between the adults and each student strikes one immediately. The academic facilities, from the computer labs to the classrooms, from the libraries to the design of the study nooks--all create environments in which students want to learn. Alumni return and talk about books read, movies seen, and experiments completed that they found engaging and challenging, that spurred them to search for more like them in their college and university worlds and then in their work worlds.

Colorado Academy’s intellectual excitement carries on and becomes professional excitement, student teamwork becomes exceptional professional cooperation on projects and assignments, high expectations lead adults to reach for and create the very best on a daily basis.

These moments are the result of an environment in which each student is nurtured in a school that values intellectual excitement and originality, that promotes high expectations and looks for each student’s particular intellectual strengths. We have created a culture in which faculty and students respect and appreciate each other.
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